Do Dogs Jump Out Of Cars? (+ Ways To Prevent It)

Do Dogs Jump Out Of Cars?

Dog owners find it very amusing to watch their dogs open the window in cars.


Some dogs like to feel the cold gush of air on their fur as the car moves.


It is said that it helps them to connect better to their environment by awakening the sensory feelings.


Dogs tend to jump out of cars mainly because of curiosity or something has caught their eye out of the moving car. There are so many dynamics about this; why they do it and even how to stop it.


However, this can be very dangerous.


This is because this potentially creates a dangerous situation where your dog may be tempted to jump out of the moving vehicle.


They may try to do so when they see other dogs outside or some animals, like rabbits, which they would want to chase outside.


Why do dogs jump out of moving cars?

The main cause of this curiosity.


As said above, dogs like to look outside the windows with them rolled down to connect with nature more.


They will tend to be extremely curious when they see new objects or animals.


They will also want to find out where a sweet smell is coming from when they smell the nice scent of food being prepared from a restaurant.


This means when the windows rolled down, they face the temptation vary greatly, to jump out of the moving car.


It is important to note the kind of dog you have as a pet.


Most dogs that tend to jump out of moving vehicles are those who are energetic and very fearless.


They will not mind the consequences but instead will want to follow where their curiosity takes them.


It can be a different case for dogs that are quite timid, they will have doubts about jumping out of the windows because they are mainly scared.


All the same, you cannot be too sure, it is important to take precautionary measures to prevent that behavior because it has very dangerous consequences.


What are the consequences of your dog jumping out of the window?

dog jump out of a car


As much as it does not sound like such a bad thing for your dog to jump out of a car whether a moving or stationary one, it can be dangerous to you, your dog, and other road users on the road you are using.


Below are some of the consequences of those actions.


1. They may get skin damages and skin infections in case they get skin injuries from the fall.


2. Other injuries they get when they jump out of the car include; teeth injures, neck injuries, nose injuries, paw injuries, and neck injuries.


3. They may also suffer from internal injuries which will lead to internal bleeding from internal organs which can be very fatal.


4. The dog, after jumping out of the window, may cause an accident on the road.


This is because another road user may be forced to swerve to avoid the dog and in case it causes an accident.


Other consequences that affect the pet owners:


They can lead to causing accidents — This is because when the dog jumps out of the window, it will bring confusion and fear to the pet owner which in turn will impair their judgment for a few seconds.

These few seconds are very fatal on the road and may lead to an accident caused by the pet owner.



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What you should you do to prevent this behavior?

puppy with a seatbelt


As said above, dogs jumping out of the window is a grave issue that would need to be stopped or else can be fatal.


This means that you will have to be extremely stern with your dog for their own sake because their curiosity will have to be put in check.


Here are some of the precautionary measures to take to prevent the behavior and they may break their limbs from the jump.


Especially because jumping from a moving car is very different from jumping from a stationary place.


1. Invest in a doggie seatbelt

Make sure when getting your dog a doggie seat belt, you incorporate the size of your dog and how tightly or loosely the seat belt going to fit them.


2. Ensure that the car is clean and free from small and sharp objects that your dog could end up swallowing or hurting themselves with

This is very key to prevent your dog from creating distractions as your drive and as to keep your dog safe during car rides.


3. Installing separation barriers between the front seats and back seats

This is because, apart from jumping out of their window, they could also jump into the front seat and either cause a distraction there or jump out of the window from the front seat.


4. Adding your dog’s blankets and safe toys in the back

This allows your dogs to be calm by creating a familiar environment for them in the car.


They in turn will relax and reducing the fussing because of the familiarity and comfort.


5. Try to capture your dog’s attention by playing soft music in the background or talking to them calmly

This is so they can focus on something in the car and reduce their levels of curiosity.


6. Reward their good behavior

Dogs tend to associate some behaviors with how their owner takes them.


If they get rewards when they are calm in their cars, they will want to do it more often to get more rewards and treats.


Once they do this a couple of times, they will get used to being calm during a car ride.


7. Training your dog to be calm during car rides

This is usually used after most of the above methods fail.


Here you will have to be stern with your dog so that they learn to be calm during car rides.


This is because they can cause very fatal accidents and situations thus may pose a dangerous risk for you and other road users.



If all the above fails, it is important to take your dog to the vet.


There might be underlying conditions that make your dog unable to relax during car rides.


The vet will be able to tell you if there are any conditions you need to watch out for and give possible medical solutions for the problem.


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