How to Keep a Dog from Digging Under a Vinyl Fence? (Simple Steps)

How to Keep a Dog from Digging Under a Vinyl Fence

Most dog owners usually install vinyl fences in their fences.


This is because vinyl fences have so many benefits as compared to normal fences made of wood or metal.


Yes, it is possible to keep your dog from digging under your vinyl fences. It may require some measures be put in place when the fence is being put up but once they are set, your dog will stop or will be unable to dig under your vinyl fence.


First off, we will discuss why most pet owners (not dog owners only) prefer vinyl fencing for their backyards.


Why do dog owners prefer vinyl fencing to other types of fencing?

Vinyl fence


When getting a fence in a compound with pets, there is usually a lot to consider unlike, pet-free compounds.


Your main consideration is the safety of your pet with the type of fencing you would want to install?


Below are the reasons why vinyl fencing is preferred to other types of fencing:


1. It is possible to plant some shrubs along the fence

This is usually not recommended when using other types of fencing such as wood and metal fences.


This is because plants tend to trap moisture.


This moisture can be essentially bad for wooden fences because it leads to their rotting which then reduced their timespan and one will have to keep repairing the fence.


For metallic fences, the moisture trapped will cause the metallic fence to start rusting.


This can be very dangerous for your pet because getting a cut caused by a metal that has rusted can cause serious infections.


For vinyl, on the other hand, the moisture does not affect the fencing at all.


2. Vinyl fences do not need the occasional painting and staining

This will of course save on the cost of managing the fence and your time of course.


It also helps to ensure your dog’s safety.


This is because other fences that require paint may be a potential hazard.


Because dogs like to chew and lick anything that fascinates them during painting or staining.


They may end up licking the fence thus ingesting so many toxic substances found in those chemicals.


This may lead to adverse side effects that may need a trip to the vet soon.


3. The vinyl does not get so many scratch marks and bite marks from your dog

Scratching and biting vinyl does not give your dog the satisfaction it gets from scratching wood surfaces so it will rarely spend its time trying to scratch the vinyl fence.


This reduces the maintenance cost of the fence as well.


4. The vinyl fences do not have sharp parts

Metallic fences usually are okay for the first few years where they do not rust and are okay until they begin to rust.


Once the metal starts to rust, this poses a dangerous threat, this is because your dog may become injured while playing along the fence.


Rusted objects can easily give your dog infections on the wounds.



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Why do dogs dig under vinyl fences?

It is also important to know why dogs dig under vinyl to know how to stop the behavior.


Most of the reasons are common to most dogs while others are a bit special and can apply to some dogs; not all.


Here are some of the reasons why dogs dig under vinyl fences:


1. They may want your attention: dogs tend to do all sorts of things for human attention and that may be the case with your dog.


2. They may want to cool the bodies of the heat by doing something that engages them.

This is especially during hot temperatures when they cannot stand the heat.


3. Your dogs may be trying to escape from someone or something in your compound.

This could be something to look into especially if your dog digs up the fence when they are scared or uneasy.

It would be good to identify the fear inflicting an object or person and deal with it accordingly.


4. They may be doing it just because they are bored: they may dig up the fence as their source of entertainment when they have nothing else to do.

If this is the problem, it is recommended to get some games or toys for your dog to keep themselves busy with.


5. They may be hunting for prey or trying to follow prey that has escaped them.


How to prevent the digging below your vinyl fence

dog digging


Since we have seen that most dog owners prefer to have vinyl fencing in their compounds for the above reasons mentioned above, it is important to know how to prevent the digging that occurs under vinyl fencing.


Below are some of the solutions dog owners could implement to prevent the digging or to stop it completely:


1. When putting up the vinyl fence, you could ask the contractors to build trenches below the fence

After the fence has been fixed the contractors usually put chicken wire below the fence, in the trench.


When installing the wire, the people installing it should install it all below the fence all around.


The sharp bits should pout away from the compound so as not to injure the dog if they try to dig against the wire.


This is usually a good solution because the wires are extremely strong and very few strong dogs can chew through or remove the wire.


Some people try to wrap the wire around the fence that may not work because the dog will still be able to dig through the fence.


When the wire is in place, after the fencing is don’t and complete, it remains invisible this allows you to know if your dog is digging through your fence.


2. The other option one could go for is digging the same trench but instead, filling it with concrete that eventually dries up

The fence is then put normally.


This underground concrete slab will make it difficult, nearly impossible for your dog to dig under your vinyl fence.


The slab will remain underground after the fence is put in place and will be invisible.


3. The third option dog owners go for is, planting plants by the fence

The good thing about vinyl fences Is that they do not rust so growing plants will not affect them.


The plants will discourage the dogs from digging under the fence because it will be more difficult than if it was vinyl alone.


These three are the main ways that dog owners use to keep their dogs from digging under their vinyl fences.


It is important to consult the people who put up your fence or are purring up your fence to get any other special advice they would like to give.


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