Does a Russian Blue Cat Shed?

One of the things we wish for in a cat is a coat that sheds less.

It makes cleaning after the cat easier and you never have to worry about allergic reactions.

Turns out a Russian blue cat has all these desirable traits and more.

He is a gentle and playful feline that all cat lovers would wish you have.

But is it true that a Russian Blue sheds less than all other cat species?


In this article, we are going to talk more about Russian blue Shedding and whether this cat is ideal for people with allergies.

Before we get to that, let us first explore the personality of the Russian blue.


What are the characteristics of a Russian Blue?

Russian blue cat has a thick coat with blue-grey furs.

He has silver hairs on his outer furs which make his coat to appear shiny.

The Russian Blue has green eyes that contrast greatly with his coat.

This cat is medium-sized and weighs at most 12 pounds when mature.


Another unique feature of the Russian blue cat is his upturned mouth which gives him a playful smile.

In short, his face is one you would love to wake up to every morning.

A Russian blue has a longer lifespan too.

If fed the right diet and pampered with love, you can expect him to give you 20 years of pure joy and companionship.



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Are Russian Blue Cats Cuddly?

Here are some fun facts about a Russian Blue cat;

  • A Russian Blue is the sweetest fellow to have around. He is very bashful and playful at the same time. He is the sort of cat who will always appreciate the toys you bring him.
  • A Russian blue is a quiet fellow too. The question ‘’Do Russian Blue cats meow ?’ is quite common in online pet forums. Experts say that he has a mellow voice like his distant cousin, the Siamese. He likes to reserve his meows and will only use them when need be.
  • He only makes a sound when it is absolutely necessary. By the way, if you hear him meow, then know things are serious.
  • He can be nitpicky – As nitpicky as refusing to use a dirty litter box. Russian Blue cats are known for their high standards of cleanliness.

But generally, Russian blue cats are very cuddly and considered very loyal to their owners.


Do Russian Blue Cats Shed?

A Russian Blue cat does shed from time to time.

But the amount of Russian blue shedding is minimal compared to other cats.

What’s more, it is possible to minimize Russian blue shedding using simple grooming tips at home.

The Russian blue only sheds when his coat changes according to the seasons.

This will happen around fall and spring.


Once his coat changes thickness, you will never have to worry about Russian blue shedding.

This minimal shedding is due to his thick double-fur coat.

The coat has short hairs angled 45 degrees from the skin.

It makes it hard to brush the hairs off when patting or grooming the cat.

This unique coat also keeps the hairs intact whenever the feline is scratching himself.


Is a Russian Blue Cat Right for Me?

The Russian blue cat is a perfect feline to keep at home.

He has a hypoallergenic coat that carries less Fel-d1 protein.

This is the protein that causes negative reactions if you are allergic to pet hair.

Since Russian blue shedding only happens seasonally, it becomes manageable to live with this feline.

Moreover, you can minimize shedding by using simple home grooming tips we are going to give you.

  • Brush the cat’s coat two to three times a week. Use a soft-bristled brush to comb through his coat and remove matted hair and pet dander. An alternative tool to use is a grooming mitt. It is a unique brush designed as a glove for grooming pets. You can use the mitt brush to massage the feline as well.
  • Bathe him to get rid of fleas-a Russian Blue cat needs no bathing because he keeps himself clean. You only bath him to get rid of parasites, like fleas, that cause him to scratch himself and shed a lot.
  • Never use human shampoo to wash the Russian blue. It can irritate the skin as well, causing the hair to fall off.
  • Feed your Russian blue cat a high-quality- It helps him maintain a healthy shiny coat. Be aware of those foods that can cause allergies in your cat. Common foods that give the Russian blue allergies include eggs, wheat, and some type of fish.


Final Thoughts

We hope we answered your question ‘Do Russian blue cats shed?’

The Russian Blue’s unique double-fur coat ensures he sheds less.

You can also minimize Russian blue shedding through grooming and feeding your cat a healthy diet.


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