Why Do Cats Sit on Their Toys?

Why Do Cats Sit on Their Toys

You open your wardrobe, and you get that black dress you have wanted to wear all week.


You lay it down carefully on your bed so as not to create any creases.


Then, you take a quick bath.


Minutes later, you suddenly find your cat lying on top of your dress.


Now, before you blow your top and scold your cat for it, take notice that cats also do that on their toys.


But why is that?


Why do cats like to sit on top of things?


In this article, we will check out the reasons for that. Read on to find out more!


Why Do Cats Like to Lay on Top of Things, Especially Their Toys?

Cat surrounded with toys


There are several reasons why cats lie on top of things, especially on their toys.

Here are some of them:


1. It has your scent on it

A cat would most likely play with a toy, sleep beside it, or even lie on top of it if it has your scent.


Cats, contrary to popular belief, are very loving animals.


 If your cat is fond of you and has formed a strong emotional bond and relationship with you, they would want to be with you all the time.


Of course, as much as we want this too, this is not possible because we all must do other things like go to school or to work, run errands, attend events, and other stuff.


So, what your cat does is find things that have your scent on it and keep it with them.


Often, if a toy has your scent on it, your cat will want to always lie on top of it. That also includes your shirt.


2. To show possession

Cats are territorial in nature.


A cat lies on top of things if they want to let you or communicate to other cats, even dogs, that they “own” it or that it is theirs.


It is one of their ways of leaving their scent on a toy so that when other animals smell it, they would know that it belongs to another cat, and they cannot claim it as their own.



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3. To stay warm

Have you noticed cats laying on top of laptops, top of the pizza box you just ordered, on top of the counter where you just placed warm food?


It is because cats want to sit on places and things that are “warm”.


So, if the toy’s material is soft and warm to the skin, your cat will indeed sit on it most of the time!



The next time you see your cat, even your dog, sitting on things and their toys, do not be aggravated!


Your cat probably just wants to have a connection with you, marking their territory, or just want to stay warm.


Understanding your cat’s behavior is essential to forming a good relationship and a strong bond with them.


As an owner, you need to know why your cat is acting the way they do.


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