How Do I Know If My Shiba Inu Is Purebred?

How Do I Know If My Shiba Inu Is Purebred

The Shiba Inu breed is a Japanese breed known for its bright personality and its upright ears.

These dogs were originally bred as hunting dogs in Japan. They are small but agile.

Learning more about this breed can help you identify them as well as get to know them better.

This will help you decide if they can be a good addition to your family.

Purebred dogs are those with parents and ancestors of the same breed.

This means that you will be able to have a good idea of how these dogs will grow up to be, from the characteristics of their parents.


There are many ways to find out if your Shiba Inu is purebred — read on to find out how!



Asking the Breeder

One of the easiest ways to know if your Shiba Inu is purebred is by asking the breeder and visiting its parents.

Reputable breeders will be more than willing to let you see its mother, and sometimes its father.


DNA Test

If you are unable to contact your Shiba Inus breeder, you can tell if they are purebred through a DNA test.

To verify the breed of your Shiba Inu, you will need the DNA of one of its parents — to know where they are truly from.

DNA tests can not only tell you if your dog is purebred but also tell you more about their physical appearance, temperament, and personality.


There are also other ways to identify if your dog is purebred, without going through a DNA test.

To identify if they are purebred, you can look at their physical appearance, temperament, and personality.



Physical Appearance

shiba inu

Shiba Inus are known to be the smallest native Japanese dog breeds.

They have long and dense coats, suitable for extreme weather.

Purebred Shiba Inus have a tail curled towards the back while their eyes are dark brown with black rims.

Similar to other breeds, their tails and eyes can tell their emotions.

They are also double coated, meaning that they shed twice a year when the seasons change.


Fortunately, when it is not shedding season, their fur shed is manageable for most.

Differentiating male and female Shiba Inus are simple — males stand up to 16.5 inches while females up to 13.5 inches.

While male Shiba Inus have a broader face, females have softer features.



This breed has a bold and fiery personality.

According to the Japanese, they describe this breed as: Kaani-i (spirited boldness), ryosei (good nature), and soboku (alert).


As Shiba Inus is highly independent, they might not be easy to train.

They love being independent and not told what to do. They can also be possessive.

This means that they may guard their stuff, resulting in them being stubborn to share.


However, if they are socialized at an early age, they can learn to be friendlier with other dogs and people.

Purebreds should be trained and socialized early with a trainer who understands their mannerisms.

Despite this, Shiba Inus are good family dogs, being loyal and devoted to their owners.

If they are properly socialized, they can also do well with children.


Purebred Shiba Inus are athletic, strong-willed, and a great companion.

They are highly loyal and friendly if trained well.

Do note that similar to other dogs, Shiba Inu’s temperament depends on various factors, including the characteristics of their parents.




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Purebred Shiba Inus are generally healthy, only prone to certain health conditions.

While not all Shiba Inus will get these conditions, it is important to be aware of these issues as well for your Shiba Inu.


Some health issues Shiba Inus may have include:

  • Allergies
  • Chylothorax
  • Glaucoma
  • Cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • Patellar Luxation
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Hip Dysplasia


As mentioned, Shiba Inus are an athletic breed.

They should be getting at least 45 minutes of exercise a day, as it is will help control their weight.



Other Traits of Purebred Shiba Inus

shiba inu

Shiba Inus tend to be very vocal when they want to be.

Their scream is loud and high-pitched, usually accompanied by howling or whimpering.

If your Shiba Inu screams, it means that they are upset — you may need to step in and intervene in their current situation.


While they may howl when they are upset, Shiba Inus will show off their ‘airplane ears’ when they are content and want attention.

Airplane ears are seen when their pointy ears are pinned to the side of their head, making their ears look like wings.

Airplane ears are usually accompanied by their cheeky smile and squinty eyes.


Shiba Inus also love eating, however, they can gain weight rather quickly.

It is important that your Shiba Inu is able to maintain a healthy weight with a balanced diet and adequate exercise.


Concluding Thoughts

Checking if your Shiba Inu is purebred is important to help understand more about your dog.

Purebred Shiba Inus have specific personalities which may not be apparent in mixed breeds.

There are multiple ways you can check if your Shiba Inu is purebred, whether it be through their physical appearance, temperance, or through a DNA test.

When choosing a Shiba Inu, it is important that you find one from a responsible and reputable breeder.

These breeders can also help to give you more information on your dog’s parents and know if they are purebred.

These Shiba Inus should have pointy ears, almond eyes, wide cheeks, and proportionate body size.


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