How Do I Know If My Belgian Malinois Is Purebred?

How Do I Know If My Belgian Malinois Is Purebred

Belgian Malinois are smart, confident, and great workers.

They are also often confused with a German Shepherd.

Wondering if your Belgian Malinois? Read on to find out how to identify purebred Belgian Malinois.

Identifying if your Belgian Malinois is purebred can be helpful in the way you treat them.

Knowing more about them can help you understand more about their personality and traits.


Belgian Malinois’ History

Belgian Malinois was bred in Belgium and is one of the four varieties of Belgian Shepherd dogs.

They are often used as police dogs due to their perfect scent and used during the war by the Belgian Police.

Over the years, this breed has expanded its purpose, not just as herding dogs but extremely versatile.

As they are intelligent and eager to learn, they have been trained for multiple purposes such as guard dogs and police dogs.


Physical Appearance

Belgian Malinois and german shepherd
Belgian Malinois and German Shepherd

While slightly smaller than a German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois are medium-sized dogs that stand up to 26 inches.

This breed is typically fawn with a black face.

At times, fawn Belgian Malinois have tiny white hairs on the tip of their toes or a white spot on their chest.

Typically, purebred Belgian Malinois have a black face and ears, with dark-colored eyes.

Their body is usually lighter than their face.


This breed also has a double coat, with their top coat shorter and their undercoat denser.

Purebred Belgian Malinois have a slightly longer coat around their neck too.

Due to their dense coat, they will shed throughout the year.



Belgian Malinois were bred to protect livestock in Belgium, thus make great working dogs.

This also means that they have a lot of energy.

As they are intelligent and have a high desire to work, Belgian Malinois are easy to train.


They can be confident and protective when the situation calls for it.

This means that they would not get uncomfortable or aggressive when faced with an unfamiliar situation.

As they are working dogs, they may not be suitable as family dogs.

This is as they have immense energy which needs constant physical and mental stimulation.

They also have a high prey drive, which may lead to them chasing young children if not trained well.


However, if they are given adequate training and socialization at a young age, they are able to be perfect family dogs.

Do note that the temperament of Belgian Malinois varies according to their parents.

Puppies with nice temperaments tend to be curious and playful, far more willing to approach others too.



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Purebred Belgian Malinois are more likely to suffer from health conditions as compared to crossbreeds and hybrids.

While they are a pretty healthy breed, there are also concerns which you should look out for.


Some causes include:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Eye problems


To keep your Belgian Malinois healthy, it is important that they have adequate exercise.

While they can adapt to warmer climates, they prefer cool climates.

When taking care of your Belgian Malinois, remember that they need at least 20 minutes of exercise 3-4 times a day.

As they are highly energetic, walking may not be enough for them.


Other Ways to Identify

Belgian Malinois puppy

Another way to identify if your Belgian Malinois is purebred is by asking the breeder itself.

If your breeder is reputable, they would be more than willing to give you information about your Belgian Malinois’ parents and may even let you visit them.

Notable breeders should also provide you with certifications if it is purebred and proof of health checks to ensure that your dog is healthy.

If you are unable to contact your dog’s breeder, you can also take a DNA test to find out more about them.

DNA tests can also tell you more about your dog’s physical appearance, temperament, and potential health issues.


Overall Thoughts

Knowing if your Belgian Malinois is purebred is important to help understand them and their needs better.

While we can identify if they are purebred through their physical appearance and personality, it may be hard at times.

If you want to be 100% sure of your Belgian Malinois’ breed, you can ask your breeder or get a DNA test for them to know more about their family too.


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