How Often Should I Bathe A Poodle? (+ 5 Stages of Bathing)

How Often Should I Bathe A Poodle

A poodle does not shed. It is a perfect pet choice for fur parents with allergies and respiratory problems.

It is not high maintenance compared to other dog breeds out there.

However, there are still things you need to pay attention to when bathing a poodle.


So, how often should bathe a poodle?


The short answer is every two weeks or three. Since poodles, especially the curly ones, have growing hair, some people mistake that they do not shed when the fur camouflages within its curly locks. Unlike other dog breeds, curly poodles have hair that grows out rather than dog fur that sheds.


In this article, we will learn about poodles a bit more.

We will explore the stages of bathing this non-shedding dog breed.



Getting to Learn about Poodles


Where poodles originate is a long-standing debate in the dog champions community.

Some affirm that they come from Germany, while others contest that Poodles are from France.

The tiny puppies are born to be circus performers. Now, poodles are like companion dogs.


Most people label poodles as active, intelligent, and proud-looking hounds. They tower over 15 inches.

A standard male poodle weighs about 50 to 60 pounds, while a female poodle is relatively tiny in size at 4o to 50 pounds.


It is hard to generalize poodles.

They have four varieties: standard, medium, miniature, and toy poodles.

Their hair colors range from black, white to apricot.

A poodle’s life expectancy ranges from 10 to 18 years.


How to Spot a Poodle in One Glance

Now that we know there are several poodles out there trying to get your attention and approval, it is essential to learn their differences.

The type of poodle you are looking to choose and adopt matters because it determines their maintenance and grooming needs.

The following is a guide for you to select what kind of poodle and plan its grooming needs.

It includes when the poodle needs bathing.


Poodles’ Features

First, let us delve into the distinct features of this aristocratic dog breed.

Most poodles have curly coats that are not hypoallergenic but are relatively low allergen.

Most hair textures can be either:

  • Soft
  • Wavy
  • Coarse and wooly


Because of this, pet owners must observe poodle grooming every six to eight weeks.

Please pay attention to the hair in their ears where hair growth is more prominent.

Although most poodles have a square build and a body with muscles, you can tell them apart by their height, strength, and size.



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You can also distinguish a kind of poodle from another by how tall they are.

Here are a summary or height guidelines to identify with accuracy which variety of poodle to select.

  • Standard poodles are usually 15 inches tall.
  • Medium poodles are 15 inches or shorter.
  • Miniature poodles are 11 to 14 inches.
  • Toy poodles are 10 inches at most.



Dogs get overweight or underweight when pet owners do not watch out for their diet.

Know your poodle’s weight so that you get to assess how to keep giving them a balanced diet.

  • Standard poodles: 44 to 71 pounds
  • Medium poodles: 33 to 42 pounds
  • Miniature poodles: 26 to 31 pounds
  • Toy poodles: 14 to 17 pounds


Poodle Personality

They can be distant from strangers during the first meeting.

But like people, they become accustomed to humans after multiple exposures and their careful evaluation of how trustworthy the person is.

They are bright dogs with pleasing personalities.

They are friendly and warm to be around, a perfect companion in chilly weather, or a hike on a fine day.

They are also capable of obedience and mastery after training.


Is It Prone to Dirt?

Poodles can be playful, so there is a high tendency for dirt and dust.

While it takes effort and time to maintain and groom, there is always a neat way of getting around the grooming stuff.

How often you should bathe your poodle depends on the variety, coat type, and the amount of work you are willing to do for your dog.


Can I Bathe My Poodle Twice A Week?

Weekly baths are for dog breeds with thick and long hair, requiring more care.

Be careful because frequent bathing may lead to dry skin issues.

Pet owners can bathe their poodles once every two weeks or three.

Your goal should be to avoid matting and hair tangling.


Like humans, poodle skin also generates natural oils that can moisturize their skin.

As days go by, these oils accumulate and can clog, causing odor in your poodle.

The once-in-every-three-weeks period covers the following:

  • Rinsing the oils by a healthy amount
  • Not leaving the skin dry due to a healthy residue of oil
  • Protecting the poodle’s hair and skin from sun damage


How to Bathe A Poodle? (5 Stages of Bathing A Poodle)

poodle taking a bath

On to the crucial part, how to wash a poodle properly?

There are five stages you need to know when taking your poodle in on a bathing session.


1. Prepare Your Poodle

Stage 1 is prepping your poodle’s noodle hairs before diving into the full-on bathing session.

All you need to do is untangle the curly and messy parts of the hair with a poodle’s comb.

Your goal is to make sure that its hair is tangle-free and has no visible matt and dirt.


2. Ready your materials and bathing paraphernalia

Stage 2 prepares all the facilities you will need for bathing, and grooming, including the comb.

A table, if you need one, and a blow dryer for the later stage of the bathing process.

The shampoo and cream rinse to calm and treat your poodle’s noodle hair.


3. Shampoo and Hair Massage

Remember not to use ordinary shampoos for humans on your poodle.

Check the ph level and choose the alkaline pH shampoos for your poodle.

When using a hose, let the poodle stand on a tub and move the nozzle close to the curls. Avoid the head and ears.


4. Total Rinsing

It involves the thorough removal of any shampoo residue.

Cover your dog’s eyes and ears when rinsing the shampoo as it can irritate.


5. Hair conditioner application

Shampooing alone can cause poodles at risk for tangles.

Apply conditioner to moisturize the hair and restore its shine and health.



Key Takeaway

Poodles are less taxing dog breeds to have.

If you plan to have one for yourself, they are the best choice for being low-allergen dogs, and you only need to bathe them once every two or three weeks.

Follow the stages and guidelines we have set above, and you are good to go.


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