7 Dogs that Look Like Poodles

7 Dogs that Look Like Poodles

Poodles are one of the best pets to have, especially for first-time dog owners.

Their teachability makes them great as competition dogs, not to mention you can groom them to look fabulous.

These dogs are great indeed.

However, some might not want the generic poodle to look and opt to find the original variants that suit their aesthetic tastes better.


This post will look into seven breeds that look like poodles such as the labradoodle, maltipoo, other types of poodles. Stay tuned and keep reading to be informed.


Before delving into the seven breeds that resemble poodles, let us first know what poodles are.

It is essential to view them based not only on their physical appearances but also on their characteristics, attitudes, and temperaments.


Characteristics of Poodles


1. They are very adaptable

Their body composition allows them to be relatively able to handle the sun’s heat or the chill of winter while inside the house.

Moreover, they can quickly adapt to the type of environment they live in.

The only drawback for office workers is that they do not tolerate being alone that much.


2. They are very friendly

One of the most significant traits and at the same time setback of the poodle is their level of friendliness.

They are loyal and affectionate, especially to family.

They are great around kids too.

But that character is brought even to strangers.

It makes them not so great a guard dog to oversee and guard your house.

They have a very low tendency to bark or howl.


3. They can easily be trained

Take it from the tons of dog competition champions that train poodles to assure you, these dogs are intelligent and very trainable.


4. They require regular grooming

Their drooling and shedding potential are low, for that matter.

However, if you plan to add aesthetics to your dogs, you will need a helping hand to groom these dogs can be pretty tricky.

Having them regularly groomed will keep their coats in good condition and the dogs in high spirits.


What are the different kinds of poodle?

Before we proceed to the seven similar to poodle dog breeds, let us first shed light on the differences between the different kinds of poodles.

There are three classifications of poodles: The Standard Poodle, Miniature Poodle, and Toy Poodle.

The only key difference among these three classifications is the size.

The standard poodle tends to be those above 15 inches in height.

The miniature ones range from 11-15 inches, while the toy poodles are only 10 inches, tops.


Their temperaments are pretty much the same regardless of size.

However, word of caution in handling toy poodles as they can be very fragile.

Tell your kids to be very gentle in handling them.


7 Dogs that Resemble Poodles

Here are the breeds that look and may act similarly to the poodle for the main event.


1. Labradoodle


Yes, these are crossbreeds of poodles and labradors.

But what more ways to look for a similar-looking dog breed than to choose from among its blood relatives.

Labradoodles are half-breeds.

It means that some characteristics of the poodle are maintained while being mixed with characteristics from labradors.

They are low pedigree but also needing low maintenance, compared to their purebred cousin.


2. Maltipoo


This dog is another crossbreed from poodles but this time producing a forever puppy-looking offspring.

Hailing from Maltese dogs and Poodles’ combined genes, the Maltipoo look similar to toy poodles except for the curly hairs.

Although poodles are generally chill and friendly, the Maltipoo gets its propensity to bark a lot from the Maltese genes.

Making it a pretty good guard dog, not to fend off burglars but to wake you up from your sleep for you to handle the burglars yourself.


3. Goldendoodle


Some call the Goldendoodle the best dog breed because it is a cross between the famous golden retriever and the poodle.

What makes this dog seem like the greatest is because it combined the temperaments of its parents.

Poodles are known for their extreme intelligence and teachability.

At the same time, Golden retrievers are called the most loyal, obedient, and family-oriented dog.

Put both in the mixture, and voila!

You now have the wonderful Goldendoodle.



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4. Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dog

It is like the poodle for pet owners on the go.

They have similar curly hair.

Both are easy to train, although the poodle is a relatively more intelligent breed.

But their laid-back nature makes them great for people with not much time to take their dogs on walks.

Portuguese Water Dogs can chill at home when their owners are unavailable.

But of course, when you have the time, taking the dogs for a stroll in the park would be nice.


5. Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound

Like the poodle, this dog breed offers the same regality, fab, and gorgeous look.

The slender and long face reminds one of the poodles except for their long and luscious hair.

They embody the chill disposition with their low intelligence, the low energy level for playing, and low territorialism.

These dogs want to be fabulous all day.


6. Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington Terrier

Another cute-looking, curly-haired dog that resembles the poodle is the Bedlington Terrier.

Their somewhat eccentric facial appearance adds to their beauty.

They may be treated as the poodle for first-time owners.

They are pretty easy to handle from the get-go, unlike Poodles, who are naturally stubborn because of their high intelligence. Great for novice pet owners.


7. Irish Water Spaniel

Irish Water Spaniel

This dog breed is like poodles on hair growth supplements.

They also boast of their curly good looks and high intelligence, similar to poodles.

Perhaps, the only difference is their high prey drive and low tolerance towards other pets, unlike the poodle, which is generally friendly to humans and pets alike.

These dog breeds are excellent guard dogs because their stranger friendliness is a bit on the low end.


Key Takeaway

Poodles are just fabulous and beautiful.

Perfect if you want a pet that is trainable and smart.

But if you are a novice or are looking for something else that still maintains the poodle-like looks or temperaments, choose from the list above.


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