How To Keep a Dog Cool At The Beach? (8 Tips)

How To Keep a Dog Cool At The Beach

Nothing can be better than a hot day at the beach to relax, play in the waves, and sunbathe with your dog!


After all, being outdoors with man’s best friend is usually fun – most puppies love water, enjoy the sunshine, and feel the sand under their feet just like human beings.


There are a lot of things you can do to keep a dog cool at the beach. This includes giving the dog a proper haircut, bringing along some ice, sitting under an umbrella, purchasing a cooling vest or mat, bring water, and digging a hole.


However, unlike humans, dogs cannot effectively cool themselves.


On hot days, keeping your dog comfortable at the beach is an important health and safety issue.


Listed below are a number of tips to keep your dog cool at the beach.


1. Prepare Well

Before you get to the beach, it is important to be prepared to keep your dog safe from harm.


Not only should we ensure we have what we need, but we also want to make sure that we respect the environment and those around us.


Identification and Rabies Tag

Ensure your dog is wearing the collar with proper identification attached.

Whenever your dog is not close to you, you will need to ensure that your dog has a suitable identity so that they can quickly reunite with you.


In many states, it is illegal not to be up-to-date with anti-rabies treatment for your dog.

So be sure to affix the card you received at the time of the vaccination (with the license number) is on his collar at all times.


Trash Bags for Dogs

When “nature calls”, make sure you have plenty of bags on hand to clean up any litter.

Not only will interference be annoying, but it is important that we play our part to keep the beaches tidy.

We also endeavor to be good examples of responsible dog owners, so that in the future we (and many others) can continue to enjoy the beach with our dogs.


2. Pack lots of Water

dog sitting next to a gallon of water

It is crucial to carry lots of fresh water and a bowl for your dog.

Don’t assume your dog will stay cold by drinking lake or ocean water, as this can be dangerous.

There are many options for portable dog bowls and they are available at many pet stores or outdoor retailers.


If your pup doesn’t like drinking when you are outside, try to persuade him by sprinkling a small amount of Gatorade Powder Syrup or Kool-Aid mix (just be sure not to use a sugar-free formula).


3. Pack a Life Jacket

Getting a life jacket (or “life vest”) for your dog goes beyond protecting him from drowning or becoming exhausted in the water.


The life jacket naturally places the dog’s head above the water, which reduces the likelihood of swallowing the saltwater while swimming.


Therefore, it is a great item, especially if you are planning to spend an entire day or several days at the beach.


4. Dig a Hole

The sand below the surface is cooler and therefore more comfortable for your dog.


Dig a small hole about 1-2 feet deep for the puppy to rest.


If the weather is quite hot, consider throwing a few buckets of water into the hole for added cooling.





5. Safety

Apart from staying hydrated and getting the right supplies, observing the terrain when visiting the beach with your dog will help keep him safe and free of injuries.



The sand can get very hot at certain times of the day and can burn human feet and dog claws.

A simple solution is to stay near water (on wet sand) or in the shade when walking or walking in the late afternoon.


Sand spurs

The beach you visit will likely have green spaces.

While these areas can be off the beaten track and ideal for allowing your dog to defecate, there may also be sandy bumps.

Getting caught in the feet of your pet can cause discomfort and bleeding at times.


Make sure to check the surroundings before permitting your dog to enter these areas.


First Aid

Bringing along a first aid kit can alleviate any concerns and provide the necessary supplies needed in the event of an emergency (such as a claw pad or an allergic reaction) to provide some relief before seeing a vet.


6. Give an Appropriate Haircut

dog grooming before and after

In the summer months, give your pooch a suitable haircut.


Except if your dog has a double coat (like a Siberian Husky or German Shepherd) whose undercoat acts as a cooling coat, consider grooming the dog for comfort.


Dogs with needless long or matted fur are particularly uncomfortable in the heat, as the excess fur picks up the sun’s rays.


Remember to also apply sunscreen to any exposed skin.


7. Provide Shade

In addition to providing plenty of cold fresh water to drink, providing shade to your dog helps to mitigate the hot sun.

Providing a shade for your dog can help keep his body temperature cool and allow him to rest out of direct sunlight when necessary.


To provide shade on the beach, there are many products to choose from, such as:

  • Beach tents
  • Pop-up tents
  • Sunshades
  • Umbrellas

These products are specially formulated for beach conditions (such as wind and humidity) and are designed to be safe for use in the sand.


8. Pack Some Ice

Most dogs like to eat ice as a treat.

Filling a cooler with ice chips or straws for dogs can help keep your dog hydrated and comfortable as the temperature rises.


Also, consider freezing a large bowl of chicken broth/water to take with you.

This large ice treatment will help your dog to stay hydrated during his time at the beach, but it will also keep him entertained.


Final Thoughts

We hope this checklist will help you plan ahead so that you and your dog will have a cool time at the beach.


Have a safe and enjoyable day at the beach with your pet.


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