How To Register A Dog With AKC And CKC Parents?

How To Register A Dog With AKC And CKC Parents

If your dog is purebred, it is encouraged that you register him with the American Kennel Club (AKC) or Continental Kennel Club (CKC) to certify that their parents are members of the same breed.


There are many benefits that come with registering your dog with AKC or CKC including a registration certificate and the ability to participate in dog sports.


If you are looking to register your dog with AKC and CKC parents, here are some tips you can follow.



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The AKC is dedicated to promoting the sport of purebred dogs and breeding for type and function.


According to their website, their objective is to advance the study, breeding, exhibiting, running, and maintenance of purebred dogs.


While the CKC is an all-breed canine registry and organization that specialize in canine care and breeding.


They are dedicated to empowering breeders, educating owners, and supporting the bond between dogs and humans.


Overall, both AKC and CKC serve the same purpose of promoting purebred dogs and breeding.


Difference Between AKC and CKC

As mentioned, while both the AKC and CKC provide registry services for purebred dogs and serve the same purpose, they have different guidelines.


The AKC only registers purebred dogs with AKC-registered parents while CKC registers both purebred and mixed breed dogs.


This means that if your dog has parents not registered under AKC, you will not be able to register your dog under AKC.


Another difference is that AKC recognizes 175 purebred dogs, while CKC recognizes 450.



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How to Register with AKC?

According to the AKC website, you can register your dog if it is from an acceptable registry.


You will need to then apply to the Foundation Stock Service (FSS) by forwarding a fully completed FSS application, a 3 generation pedigree from an acceptable registry, 2 photographs, and the required fee to the AKC for review.


The FSS is a record-keeping service for all purebred dogs that are not AKC-registrable.


An FSS certificate will indicate that a dog is the product of purebred parents of the same breed.


You will be able to register your dog on the AKC website by providing information about your dog’s traits and your contact information.


Before submitting the registration form, you will need to pay the registration fee.


To avoid this fee, you should register your dog before they turn a year old.


Your dog’s registration certificate will be sent to you by mail in 2 weeks.


You will also be able to track your application status on the AKC website.


How to Register with CKC?

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The CKC provides owners with various registration services:

  • If the puppy has been purchased from a CKC breeder and received a preprinted puppy registration application
  • Registering an adult dog with CKC
  • Registering a litter of puppies with CKC


If you want to register a dog without any official registration, you will need to complete and submit their PAW registration application on their website.


Do note that for the dog to be eligible for registration, it will need to be purebred and of proper breeding type.


Once you have filled in the application, you will need to pay the registration fees.


If your application is approved, you will receive a registration certificate.


Do note that you will need 2 witnesses of at least 18 years old to attest to your dog’s purebred status.


Can My Dog Be Registered?

There are many ways to see if your dog can be registered, one way is to contact your dog’s breeder to determine if its AKC papers can be received.


To determine if your dog can be registered by AKC, you can send AKC a copy of your dog’s pedigree and registration application.


Your dog will be able to qualify for registration if his pedigree shows an AKC lineage.


If your dog has parents who are registered with the CKC, you can easily submit a registration application for your dog with the CKC.


Registering A Dog With AKC And CKC Parents

There are also various registration regulations that you will need to look out for, especially if your dog has parents registered by both AKC and CKC.


Both AKC and CKC require the mother of the dog to be registered with them. AKC also requires that the father is AKC-registered.


Thus, if your dog has a CKC parent, they will not be able to be registered with AKC.


Fortunately, if a dog has a CKC mother while an AKC father, the dog can still be registered under CKC.


CKC does not have any regulations on where the father of the dog is registered under, as long as it is under a breed registry recognized by the CKC.


Overall Thoughts

If you are considering registering your dog, it is important to know where its parents are registered under.


This will help provide you with a better understanding of where you can register your dog.


There are many benefits that come with registering your purebred dog and should be done at an early age.


Registering them can also help ensure that your dog is healthy and happy.


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