Why Do Dogs Dance Around Their Treats? (4 Reasons)

Why Do Dogs Dance Around Their Treats

If you have been a dog owner for a while, you may notice your dog dancing around their treats at times.


Different dogs have different personalities, giving one dog a treat may cause them to react this way while giving another dog the same treats may cause them to react differently.


While there is no definitive answer to why dogs do this, there are some plausible reasons why they do so.


Read more to find out some possible reasons as to why they like dancing around their treats.


1. Picking Up Its Scent

dog with treats above its nose

One likely reason as to why they do this is to pick up the treat’s scent.


They may do this by rolling over their treat too.


As dogs have a strong sense of smell, they may be curious as to what they are eating, even if we can’t smell these treats ourselves.


2. Having Fun

Another likely reason as to why they like dancing around their treats is simple due to it being fun.


As dogs have a natural instinct to play, your dog may find it amusing to play with their treats before eating them.


If your dog is playful, he will tend to dance around and play with his food, seeing it as a form of entertainment.



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3. Guarding Their Treat Against Others

They may also be guarding their food against other pets around the house.


This behavior comes from their hunting instincts, where dogs were forced to scavenge for food.


When dogs acquire food, they would then hide it to prevent others from stealing it.


Some dogs may still possess these instincts, thus playing with their food as such.


4. Deciding To Play Instead Of Eat

dog staring at treats

If you feed your dog treats after a meal and they start dancing around it, it may mean that he is happy and does not want to eat anymore.


Instead, he decides to play with.


How to Fix the Behavior?

If you spend good money on these treats, you probably do not want your dog to be playing without eating them.


Knowing why they do so can help you understand and fix this behavior better.


This behavior is not necessarily bad and does not need to be fixed. However, if you would still like to discourage this behavior, you should do so when your dog is still a puppy.


Encourage your dog to eat treat rather than play and dance around it and reward them with good behavior rather than punishing their bad traits.


Overall Thoughts

While we may not know why dogs play with their treats, it is a common normal behavior in all dogs.


If you do not like your dog acting this way, you can address the issue immediately by providing positive reinforcements when he stays still.


Alternatively, you can get help from a professional that will train your dog to eat well without playing with his food.


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