How To Tire Out A Puppy Before Vaccinations? (7 Ways)

How To Tire Out A Puppy Before Vaccinations

Puppies being so young and curious means they will need constant stimulation to keep them from destructive behaviors.


But they can’t get the regular stimulation other dogs are allowed to get because they probably haven’t been vaccinated yet.


This means that all the stress involved in stimulating them mentally and physically falls solely on you, their owner.


Sooner or later though, you have to prepare your puppy for vaccination as this can then kick start socializing your puppy and helping them make new friends.


But getting your high-energy fur ball vaccinated is easier said than done.


How then do you tire out your puppy before vaccinations?


In this article, you’ll find answers to these pressing questions.


Types Of Exercises/Activities To Tire Out Your Puppy Before Vaccinations

Taking a shot can be nerve-racking for anyone, your puppy inclusive.


And in an anxious attempt to escape, they might end up hurting themselves or others.


That’s why you need to tire them out right before getting a shot so that way they’ll be less fidgeting during the process.


There are two ways to wear out your puppy in preparation for vaccinations:

  1. Physical exercises
  2. Mental exercises


Physical Exercises

boston terrier running


Physical exercises involve tiring out your puppy through physical exerting activities.


Especially if you have a high-energy puppy that can’t help itself from bouncing off the walls.


These exercises will wear them out in time for their vaccinations.


1. Short hikes/walks

A walk or a hike right before the vaccination might do the trick.


Dogs love spending time with their owners and they’ll get excited for a walk around the block or even a short hiking trip to wear them out.


You not only get to spend time and bond with your dog outdoors, but you’ll also be getting some exercising done yourself.


If your local vet is within walking distance from you, you can take kill two birds with one stone by taking the path that leads to the vet’s office.


2. Games

Games are a sure-fire way to tire out that furry ball of energy.


They can be either indoor or outdoor games.


As long as they are done in a controlled environment, it doesn’t matter.


Great games to play with your pet are; tug of war, fetch, catch, etc.


For more indoor-friendly games, you can give your dog one of its favorite toys to play around with.


3. Take them swimming

This is most effective if you have already started them on swimming lessons or they are a natural swimming breed — for example a Labrador.


Swimming will tire them out and at the same time will make for great practice.


Of course, you need to supervise the entire activity and be sure to be cautious to avoid hurting anyone.


Taking your dog swimming before getting their shots is most preferable if you have a swimming pool in your home.


This helps in limiting their socializing with other individuals before their shots.


4. Command training

Simple command training exercises like; fetch, go, come, etc can also tire them out physically.


With all that running around, they’ll soon be worn out and ready for their shots.


Mental Exercises

dog playing with puzzle


Your puppy needs mental stimulation just as much as they need physical activities to tire them out.


Mental exercises are especially effective if you have you have a puppy that physical activities alone won’t tire them out.


And mental exercises can also develop their thinking and problem-solving abilities.


1. Interactive toys/games

You can give your dog new toys that they can figure out and play with, in place of their old ones.


Or if you’re feeling creative, you can set up a little obstacle course they can navigate.


This combines physical activity and mental stimulation.


Another interactive game you can play to wear them out is the classic game of ‘hide and seek’.


2. Socializing with older/vaccinated dogs

Although your dog shouldn’t interact with other dogs or small children before getting vaccinated, it’s completely acceptable if they do that with dogs that have their shots up to date.


This makes for Great mental stimulation, physical exercise and it’s a start on your dog’s socializing with other dogs.


You can easily get a friend who has an older or vaccinated a dog to stop by right before your dog gets his shot.


Side note, ensure that the other dog in question is puppy friendly/tolerant to avoid a fight between the two dogs.


3. Trick training

Another way to exert your puppy mentally is to teach them tricks.


Plus it’s an extremely fun activity for both of you.


By trick training, you can also incorporate feeding them treats when they catch on to the training.


It’s a rewarding experience for both pup and owner.



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Vaccinations For Your Puppy To Take

Typically, in the United States, for example, puppies are vaccinated against the following:

  • Rabies
  • Parvovirus
  • Distemper


Other types of vaccinations vary depending on the region.


To know what vaccinations your puppy needs you should speak to your local veterinarian.



Your puppy before getting their shots will be bursting with energy as their sources of stimulation is limited.


And even though getting them to the vet will be tiring for you both, it’s a necessary evil.


This is because it will kickstart their socialization.


Be patient and follow your vet’s instructions before and after the shots have been administered.


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