Why Does My Dog Like To Be The Little Spoon? + Dog Cuddling Position

Why Does My Dog Like To Be The Little Spoon

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As a proud dog owner, you’ll know that one of the simple pleasures of life is getting to cuddle up with your beloved furry friend and take a nice long nap.


Dogs taking a nap is one of the most adorable things to witness although, it’s quite common for you to notice your dog bundled up in a strange sleeping or cuddling position.


A very common cuddling position that your dog might choose is being the little spoon.


For most dog owners, this is quite a troubling cuddle position because they fear it might be an indication of an ailing dog.


But that’s not true


Then what does it mean when your dog chooses to be the little spoon?


What Is The Little Spoon Means For Your Dog?

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If you’ve ever been lying down on your bed and your dog lies down next to you to be the little spoon, you’ve probably thought there might be a problem.


Some dog owners have considered this to be extremely weird with theories of their dog being Ill or on heat.


This as we’ve already mentioned, is not true.


Humans like to cuddle up to people they feel comfortable and safe around because it makes them feel loved.


Your dog isn’t so different.


If your dog enjoys being the little spoon, then you should feel honored because it’s one of their ultimate ways of bonding.


When your dog does this, it means he trusts you and wants to be close to you.


Simply put, it’s a way for them to be affectionate with either you or other pets.


Dog Cuddling/Sleeping Position And What They Mean

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Spooning might be a cute albeit strange way that your dog might want to cuddle in, it certainly is not the only cuddling position or sleeping position out there.


There are several cuddling positions that you might have witnessed your dog scooching in to try with you.


Either another family member, a pet, or their favorite stuffed toy.


1. The side sleeper

This fun cuddle position can go in two ways.


It’s either your dog takes the dominant position that is being the big spoon or they become the little spoon and you take the dominant position.


This is a good way to cozy up with your dog regardless of what position you’re in.


It’s super comfortable for your dog and both of you can drift off to sleep feeling protected and loved.


2. Donut position

Although the curled dog or donut position isn’t exactly a cuddling position, much like the little spoon, you can use your body to form a protective layer over your dog.


The donut is so-called because your dog curls up into a ball with their legs kept very close and their nose sometimes touching their hind legs.


And in so doing, they sort of resemble a furry donut.


When they do this it’s often as a way to make themselves feel safe and warm.


If you and your dog have already bonded and have a trusting relationship, you can drape an arm over them to make them feel even safer.


3. The blanket hog

In this position, your dog will burrow under the blankets to try and be close to you.


They may then proceed to lie down next to you in a face-to-face position or they’ll be the little spoon or the big spoon.


Your dog may try to be a blanket hog to either get closer to you or because they want an extra layer of protection to feel safe.


4. Belly up position

Who hasn’t seen those cute YouTube videos where the dog is sleeping with their tummies in the air chasing a dream rabbit?


If your dog is in this position, it means they feel safe and are at ease with their environment.


Apart from being super adorable, this sleeping position can also be beneficial to their health.


With their feet in the air, they can cool off and relax their limbs after a long day.



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5. The shield

Who better to protect you than your trusted canine?


The shield is when your dog lies on top of your body and acts as sort of a barrier between you and the environment.


This might seem suffocating at first but they mean well.


It’s their way of protecting their best friends and shielding them from any threats.


6. Back to back

Dogs sleep in this position in a similar way they might want to be in the spooning position, to get as close to you as they can.


To your dog just getting to fall asleep next to you is a delight in its own right.


By sleeping back to back with you, they’re showing you love and offering you their human the ultimate protection.


7. Headlock

Remember how you used to put your favorite stuffed animal in a headlock as a kid, well it’s similar but with less of a chokehold.


Ensure that you’re gentle when holding your dog in this position to avoid hurting them.


This is a great cuddling position to show them love and affection plus it can be relaxing for you too.


8. The cradle

Dogs are pretty much big furry babies.


And you can treat them like so in the cradle position.


Maybe when you’re taking a nap on the lounge you can hold them in your arms and drift off to sleep.


The cradle position is usually done with smaller dogs but that doesn’t mean bigger dogs can’t be part of the fun.


Just make sure the surface you’re cuddling up on is strong enough and big enough for both of you.



Cuddling has numerous health benefits for both you and your pet.


It can lower stress levels and anxiety not to talk of all the endorphins that get released in the process.


Regularly cuddling your dog can make them feel safe and loved plus it’s a bonding experience for both of you.


So get a blanket and bundle up with your canine friend today and let the bonding commence.


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