List of Dog Breeds That Do Not Kill Chicken

Dog Breeds That Do Not Kill Chicken

Most people think that most dogs being hunters, it is in their primitive nature that they hunt and kill a chicken.

This is especially because both animals are domesticated and are required to be within the same compound so it is very understandable as to why this would be a cause for worry.

This is because if one has chicken in the same compound, they will want to know whether they could get a dog in the same compound and vice versa is also true.


As much as most dogs have the prey mindset tailored in them, there a few breeds that are trained to protect farm animals not to eat them or chase them away. These dogs can be used to protect your chicken or any other bird type. Here are some of the breeds one should look more into the Australian cattle dog, Cullies, and Shepard dog.


Below are some of the dogs and more information about training your dogs to allow them to co-exist with other domestic animals in the same compound especially chicken.

There is more information about other measures on how to make your dog co-exist with other animals.


Which are dog breeds that do not kill a chicken?

dog surrounded by chickens

The breeds discussed here are dog breeds that can be trained to take care of poultry.

This means that initial training is required for your dog to understand their role and that they should not be eating your chicken.

It is also very important to ensure that these dogs are introduced early so that they can easily get used to the chicken and the same thing happens for the chicken.

Here are the main dog breeds that you should consider getting that get along with chicken:


1. The Komondor

These dogs are of a giant breed.

They are loved and preferred for their intelligence and the profound ability that helps them to distinguish between a foe and a friend.

They are a friendly dog breed and will calmly chill with your chicken or whichever poultry, they are also extremely observant and not much can escape them.

It is always advised to bring them up together with the chicken; this makes them easily gain your chickens’ trust thus existing peacefully together.


2. The Akbash

This particular dog breed has a muscular and bulky outward appearance.

This is because they have a long white fur coat.

They usually look dirty and unkempt most of the time which could scare your chicken.


This is one of the reasons it would be important to introduce them to the chicken in the earlier stages.

They usually look unkempt because their fur coat is always producing oil thus making their fur coat appear greasy.

Once they are introduced early to the chicken, they are efficient n their work.



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3. The Tibetan Mastiff

This dog breed is not a mastiff but is known as one because of its large size.

This dog breed is very efficient but will require a lot of patience, especially during training.

They are proper guard dogs only if adequately prepared hence it is very important not to train them unless you know how to do it.


It is also advised to train them in front of your chicken for them to get used to it.

As much they seem like a lot of work (they are, yes), the feeling of safety especially at night will be unmatched.

This is because once trained properly, they can be a dangerous threat to whoever dares to cross their path.


4. The Pyrenean Mastiff

This is an example of one of the mastiffs in the world.

They are pretty efficient dogs but only if trained from when they are young.

The Pyrenean Mastiff is a very tolerant dog thus the chicken will be able to get used to the dog as they spend time together.

They are quite ferocious so do not let their tolerating nature deceive you to think otherwise.


5. The Pyrenean Mountain Dog

This dog breed is naturally a guard dog. This makes it easier for them to adapt to guarding chicken.

They are good at getting along with small and gentle animals.

They are normally awake and on guard at night thus would be good if you are in a place with animals such as foxes which hunt during the day and also at night.

Best believe that raising both species together will not be as hard as you think it is.


Other measures you could take with your dog to prevent them from eating your chicken

Dog staring at chickens

The above only advises on when you want to get yourself a dog breed that does not eat chicken.

What if you already have a furry friend and you would like to teach them that your chicken is out of bounds?

Here are some steps you could follow with your dog that will teach and train them to not eat your chicken:


1. Make your dog realize that chicken is not to be eaten

The first and most important thing is always to teach your dog that your chicken is not to be eaten.

This is why it is important to teach your dog at an early age so that they can grow with the mindset that your chicken is out of bounds.

This should also apply to your neighbors chicken as well or chicken in general.

This will allow avoiding any conflicts with your neighbors which could be dangerous for you and your dog too.


2. Train your dog consistently

The next thing to do is to start training your Dog.

This exercise will require every ounce of your patience but the most important bit of your dog training will be to reduce their primitive nature to hunt.

Once that is countered, your dog will understand that chickens are not to be hunted.


3. Always take precautionary measures when freeing the chicken

Before you are done training your dog, your chicken needs to be protected as well.

It is advisable to lock your dog in their kennel when you need to free the chicken.

This also helps to manage the chicken. It reduces the chaos caused.


4. Exhaust your dog, in a good way

As you continue to train your dog, it is usually advised to take them on a walk or an energy-draining activity before you bring them next to the chicken on a leash.

This is will allow you to control them as the chicken are being let out of their coup and it requires less energy to tame your dog.


5. Be patient

Finally, it is good to note that the training does not happen overnight, and it is very important to be patient.

It would also be advised to use treats if possible during training.



The breeds discussed are the recommended breeds to train alongside your chicken but it is still important to be cautious and monitor any unusual happenings with both your chicken and dog.


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