Pumpkin Vs Sweet Potato For Dogs – Which Is Better?

Pumpkin Vs Sweet Potato For Dogs

There has always been a debate on whether to give your dog pumpkins or sweet potatoes.

They are both equally edible by your dog but have a difference in the nutritional value and the role they play in your dog’s body.

Both are delicacies for your dog and sometimes some dog owners can be forced to wonder which one is better for your dog.


When it comes to pumpkins and sweet potatoes, it is good to note that they are both loved by dogs. They are also both edible by dogs and have different nutritional value to them. If you are not sure what to give your dog, it is advisable to ask your vet for the better options especially for your dog breed.

Also, if your dog has any medical condition such as diabetes, it would be good to ask your vet about the foods they should be having especially when it comes to sweet potatoes.


Below are the views on the benefits of feeding your dog with each and that will help you decide what is good for your dog.


What are the main differences between feeding your dog sweet potatoes or pumpkins?


Sweet potatoes

Sweet potato

When feeding your dog sweet potatoes, it is important to note that it has more starch, mainly from the sugars stored in the sweet potato.

Feeding your dog this much starch can be damaging if done on the regular.

It is even worse if your dog has a health condition such as diabetes or obesity.

For diabetic dogs, the sugar in the sweet potatoes may be a problem thus it is good to consult your vet before making any dietary changes.


When it comes to dog breeds that have a high chance of suffering from obesity, it is also advised to get dietary advice from your vet before making any changes.

Because of the high-calorie intake.

With sweet potatoes, the calorie count is not too much but is still a bit higher than that of pumpkins.





When feeding your dog pumpkins, it is good to know the following:


The calorie count of pumpkins is less than that of sweet potatoes.

This is because of the absence of sugar like in sweet potatoes; the sugar adds to the calories.

When giving pumpkins to your dog, it is good to ensure that the stem and leaves are completely removed.

This also applies to when getting them from the farm.


Avoid leaving them with stems and leaves because we all know dogs eat everything and anything and this may injure them.

Because the pumpkin stem and pumpkin leaves have thorns that may injure your dog.

It is preferred to cook the pumpkin for your dog.

This is because it may become a bit difficult for your dog to digest.


You could give your dog canned pumpkins, so long as they are not the type that contains a lot of sugar and spices.

These canned pumpkins are a source of fiber and protein for your dog.

Your dog can also eat pumpkin seeds which are quite delicious and nutritious for your dog


What are the nutritional benefits of pumpkins?

Pumpkins are very healthy when fed in the right amount to dogs.

Remember not to make it part of the main food in the diet rather, make it supplement what is in the diet.

For any queries, it is always good to seek assistance from your vet.

Here are some of the many nutritional benefits pumpkins have to offer:


1. Pumpkin is a great source of Vitamin A which is improve your dog’s eyesight making it stronger.


2. It also contains potassium which is good for your dog’s bone and blood.

Potassium helps in the regulation of some body processes in your dog that cannot go ahead without potassium.


3. Pumpkins have a lower calorie count as compared to sweet potatoes due to the absence of the sugar found in sweet potatoes.

This means that giving your dog pumpkins can help in their weight loss.

This is done by substituting pumpkin for starch in their diet.


4. Contains natural sources of beta and carotene.


5. Pumpkins are also a source of iron which is required in the blood for the transportation of oxygen.


6. It contains Vitamin E that helps with the functions of the heart.


7. Pumpkin seeds contain antioxidants which are nutrients that ensure the body is working well for all its functions.



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What are the nutritional benefits of sweet potatoes?

Sweet potatoes are quite nutritious for your furry friend when added as a supplement to your dog’s diet.

They have very many health benefits and delicious for your dog too.


Here are some of the nutritional benefits of sweet potatoes for your dog:


1. Sweet potatoes help the body digest its food due to the high amount of fiber found in them.

This ensures a healthy digestive tract for your furry friend.


2. It contains some antioxidants that help to maintain a healthy gut for your dog.

This reduces the chances of your dog getting diarrhea and also helps to balance the bacteria found in the digestive tract.


3. Sweet potatoes are a great source of potassium for your dog.

The potassium helps regulate most of the body fluids in the body while keeping steady blood pressure.


4. Sweet potatoes are a source of beta and carotene that have been known to improve your dog’s eyesight and eye health in general.


5. It contains antioxidants that help your dog protect itself against free radicals that may cause cancer thus reducing the risks of cancer in your dog.


What is there to consider in the case you have to choose?

When deciding between the two, it is good to look at both the benefits and the downsides of both sweet potatoes and pumpkins.

Both are nutritious but it is key to note that sweet potatoes have a lot more starch than pumpkins.

As for pumpkins, they can be eaten to help with digestive problems but can cause diarrhea if given in excess to your dog.


Which is the better option?

When choosing between pumpkins or sweet potatoes, it depends on the dietary needs of your dog.

It would be preferable to discuss with your vet before making any big decisions.

This is because it depends on a lot of factors such as your dog breed, age, and dietary requirements.

They are all important to ensure your dog remains healthy.



It is good to note that when adding sweet potatoes and pumpkins to your diet, they are supposed to be added as supplements to the existing food in your diet, not as the main food.


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