Seal Point Siamese Cat Breed Guide

Seal Point Siamese Cat Breed Guide

A Seal point Siamese cat is one of the most beautiful and most expensive cat breeds. Most people consider the most striking feature of a seal point cat to be its beautiful color.


However, their strong personalities stand out too. Some of the most common seal point Siamese cat personality traits include their affectionate and chatty nature.


If you love playing around and “conversing” with your furry little friend, then a Siamese cat will fascinate you. So, do all seal point cats behave the same way? 


Not all Seal point Siamese cats will behave the same way! However, most seal point cats possess some definite Siamese cat personality traits. So, if you intend to get a Seal point Siamese cat as your next kitty, it is essential to have sufficient knowledge about this breed’s appearance, personality traits, and tips on how to take care of these furry creatures.



History of Seal Point Siamese Cats

Seal point Siamese cats originated in Siam (now Thailand) and were first introduced to the Western world during the late nineteenth century at London’s Crystal Palace Cat Show.


They had light-colored coats, a dark brown-black mask, ears, tail, and paws during this period. However, their popularity motivated breeders to introduce blue, chocolate, and lilac points. This is why you will note various Siamese cats with different point colors and patterns.

Siamese cats are usually slender, have a short and glossy coat, and have piercing blue eyes. Usually, they are born white because they are warm in their mother’s womb Seal point Siamese cats don’t develop their coloring until they are about four weeks old.


A Seal point Siamese long hair is one of the most famous attributes of Seal point Siamese cats today.


Siamese Cat Personality Traits

Seal Point Siamese Cat


There are some common personality traits you should see in your Siamese cat. These include: 



1. They’re brilliant

Siamese cats are rated as one of the most intelligent cat breeds and are curious cats. You will usually find them exploring every corner of your house. 


2. They’re affectionate cats

Seal point Siamese cats will love you dearly. It is, therefore, not surprising to find your Siamese cat following you everywhere around the house and cuddling up to you at night when you are on your bed.

3. They display needy behavior

Siamese cats tend to fix their owners primarily because of their affectionate nature. They do not like leaving them alone as they can suffer from depression and separation anxiety.


This may force them to be extra loyal and get easily jealous when other pets get close to their owners.


4. Siamese cats are gentle

They are generally gentle and loving cats and are the perfect addition to your family. They can get along well with your kids, play with them, and can be a fun companion. 


5. Siamese cats can be very talkative 

Siamese cats may not be suitable for those who want a quiet cat. They love to chat with their owners and have distinct voices, and they usually like to meow a lot and loudly. 



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Taking Care of Your Siamese

Seal Point Siamese Cat


Caring for a Siamese cat is not an easy task, and it is pretty involved as it comprises many activities. It does not matter whether your Siamese cat is a kitten or a fully-grown cat; proper attention and care are essential.


Let us highlight some of the best practices that will allow you to take care of these creatures in the best way possible.


1. Groom your Siamese

Their coats are one area where you need to clean regularly. This becomes easy if you groom your cat weekly to get rid of dead hair and distribute the skin’s oils. You can also brush their teeth to keep away periodontal diseases.


2. Give them the right food

When purchasing them, it is essential to ask the breeder about the recommended type and amount of food to feed your seal point cat. It’s always advisable to give the cat the same food the breeder used to provide them with, as it can take some time for your kitten to adjust to new types of food.


If you give them new food immediately, you take them home, they can vomit or suffer diarrhea. Give them one week to enjoy the same food they were accustomed to before changing it. 


3. Get toys for your Siamese kitty

Siamese cats love toys. They are very active compared to other cat breeds, so owners need to ensure they are entertained and happy. Owners may purchase toys like perches, scratching posts, and cat trees.


These toys can be found online, and they happen to be very safe toys that won’t cause your Siamese cat to choke. Lightweight toys that are likely to keep your Siamese kitten entertained for hours include small, fluffy mice.

4. Vaccinate your seal point cat

A good vet for your Siamese cat’s health check-ups and vaccinations. During the first year after you have brought your Siamese cat home, vaccinating your Siamese kitten will protect them from diseases such as calicivirus and feline distemper. The vet will discuss all the shots your furry little creature needs with you. 



Frequently Asked Questions about Siamese Cats


1) How Long Do Siamese Cats Live?

Siamese cats have a considerably longer lifespan, and their breed can live for as long as 25 years. However, their average lifespan is between 12 and 20 years.


2) Do Siamese Cats like water?

Yes, they do! Siamese cats enjoy playing with water and being around water.


3) Do Siamese Cats shed a lot?

Yes, they do! They shed and molt about twice a year during the spring and fall. However, in comparison, Siamese cats tend to shed a lot less than other cat breeds, such as the Maine Coons and Siberian cats.


Final Take Away

Seal point Siamese cats are indeed one of the fascinating cat breeds around. With proper care, these creatures will make a great pet for you and your family for a long time to come!



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