Why Do Dogs Like Elevated Beds? (8 Reasons)

Why Do Dogs Like Elevated Beds

Elevated beds are originally designed and crafted to accommodate senior dogs.


And this is the primary reason they were created, to provide better comfort to your old dog.


However, some you might also notice your non-senior dogs preferring high places just like their older contemporaries.


So, we might wonder: What is it with elevated beds and dogs? Why do dogs like elevated beds?


We found eight reasons why dogs generally prefer to lay on elevated beds, and we will be sharing the answers with you today!


8 Reasons Why Dogs Prefer Elevated Beds


1. Orthopedic support

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Elevated dog beds are like human mattresses.


And we can attest how comfy it is to snuggle up to your bed than to sleep on the floor.


The same goes with our furry little buddies.


But the reason why dogs love raised beds is because of their orthopedic support.


It is essential if dogs suffer from arthritis.


Instead of dogs having to lay down and stand back up, an elevated bed allows them to step in and out quickly.


The reason behind this is that laying on the cold concrete inflames the problematic joints of dogs like their hips, knees, and hocks (ankles).


On top of that, standing up with a sore joint only adds insult to injury.


But as mentioned above, whether senior or young pups, elevated beds are preferred, and the following will reveal why!


2. It’s cooler when up there

Aside from being the cool one in the pack when sleeping on a raised bed, it is more relaxed when seated on top of one.


The air efficiently circulates above the bed and under the space between the mattress and floor.


It keeps dogs cool but not as uncomfortably cold as sleeping directly on concrete.


Also, It is essential during the summer season.


3. It keeps them away from parasites

Flea allergy dermatitis is widespread among dogs and sleeping on the floor promotes this parasite to thrive on their skin.


Having a raised bed helps keep these pesky parasites from reaching your dog’s body — these aids in preventing fleas from causing itch and discomfort to your dog.


However, it would be counterintuitive if the dog itself brings the flea up to the bed.


So do your part in applying flea-preventing treatments to your dog’s body and over the bed.


4. Easy to familiarize

Elevated dog bed


One not commonly recognized reason dogs love elevated beds is that dogs can quickly familiarize themselves and claim ownership over them.


Unlike the couch or your bed, no one else sits and joins the dog in the elevated bed.


It means that the dog recognizes the spot as theirs and theirs alone.


So, they associate the elevated bed as their resting place.


On top of that, since these beds are portable, pet owners can quickly bring the set wherever they wish to go, and they can get their dogs with them without causing discomfort during the night.


5. Stuff-less

The thing about cushion beds is that they are stuffy.


They are stuffed with cotton or fluffing material to keep the bed plump.


The problem is dogs do not like heavy stuff.


Typically, you can find them biting over your bed, trying to extract whatever it is, keeping the bed puffy.


Elevated beds rely on tautness or stretching to provide cushion-like comfort to dogs.


It lessens the likelihood that they will munch over the material.


Aside from this, the fabric is usually enclosed by an aluminum frame. So, there is no area they can bite from.



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6. Double purpose

Of course, what good is a bed when they cannot have a little bit of fun.


Like cushion, your dog can also have fun running and hopping around elevated beds.


It gives them satisfaction and enjoyment, knowing that their place of comfort may also be an avenue for fun!


Double purpose? Fun and comfort in a single elevated bed.


7. Anti-pet-allergy

Like humans, pets are susceptible to allergens as well. It includes seasonal problems like pollen allergies.


It may potentially result in the following symptoms:

  • Itching
  • Sneezing
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Hives
  • Swelling of the body


It is extra problematic if pets have allergies too. And one cause of these problems is the bed they are staying on.


Allergens are more likely to remain attached to cushion beds even after washing them, which means the problem might not completely disappear.


However, the same allergen attachment to an elevated dog bed is not possible.


Since the fabric in elevated dogs is rubbery and breathable, the allergens will likely fall off the sides or simmer through the mesh material.


It prevents allergens from piling up over their bed, and cleanup is also more manageable.


8. Overall best comfort

The ultimate reason dogs prefer elevated beds over any other sleeping place is because of their comfort.


Dogs need not be elderly nor have orthopedic problems to enjoy the comfort that high beds provide.


How Can Elevated Dog Beds Benefit Humans?

Dogs will look for all the comfort they can get, which can be problematic for pet owners.


If you want dogs to let go of the habit of snuggling up to your bed, then this is one option to do it.


The chances of you and your family suffering from allergies are also decreased.


Cleaning, especially dog dander and fur, is easier when they sleep over elevated dog beds.


It significantly helps the family remove potential causes of allergic reactions.


It can help you save money.


Let us admit it: elevated dog beds are expensive, but there is nothing more costly than bringing pets to the vet because they incurred some hip dysplasia or other health problems from sleeping on the floor.


An elevated bed is an initial investment that can go a long way!


Key Takeaway

Elevated dog beds are the perfect solution for a dog’s sound and relaxed sleep.


And an effective preventive measure against orthopedic problems down the line.


No better comfort than sleeping on a bed without parasites and health concerns disrupting the soundness of sleep.


These beds are also beneficial to humans as much as they are to dogs.


We recommend that pet owners invest in one for the welfare of the whole pack.


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