Top 10 Best Accessories For Cats (2022)

Top 10 Best Accessories For Cats

Lucky enough to share your life with a lovely feline friend? If so, your home is probably already packed with toys and accessories, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some new additions out there worth considering.


As you enter the new year, think about some new ways to make your home just as exciting and inviting as ever for your pets.


Whether you need accessories for grooming, toys to play with, or something else, today’s top 10 list of the best accessories for cats in 2022 will hook your family up with the top options available right now.


Top 10 Best Accessories For Cats


1. Try A Fashionable Water Fountain

Did you know that cats often don’t get enough water throughout the day?


Though they get a decent amount of hydration if they eat wet food, many cats don’t drink from their bowls enough.


In recent years, it’s become clear that having a running water fountain attracts cats and encourages them to drink more.


Plus, it supplies them with a constant supply of fresh water to enjoy at any time.


Setting your home up with a fun, fashionable water fountain for your cats can be a great way to give them a unique accessory while also adding a kind of decor to your home.


There are many options, from this fun flower water fountain to any of the various color options available as water fountains.


When choosing between water fountains, make sure to choose a fountain that offers the following:


  • Good filtration
  • Varying stream options
  • Quiet operation
  • Dishwasher safe parts


2: Set Up A Cat-Friendly Window Perch

Most popular breeds of cats love to look out the window and watch what is going on in the world outside.


If your home doesn’t have a spot that makes this easy for your feline friend, why not take the time to set up a window perch for your pet?


Cat window sill perches come in many shapes and sizes. Some can simply be placed on an existing, wide window-sill for heat and comfort.


Others are easily attached to the wall next to a window so that your cat has a designated perching position.


Choose the type of perch that will best fit your living situation and window design. Additionally, try to find a perch that is easy to wash and clean as needed.


Soon, you’ll find that your cat loves having somewhere elevated where they can watch the outdoors, nap in the sun, and otherwise enjoy their daily life even more.


3. Litter Robot

As you know, a big part of owning a cat is upkeeping their litter box. Scooping litter and adding clean litter as needed can be time-consuming, especially if you have multiple cats and a busy lifestyle. 


The Litter Robot 3 Connect is an excellent option for those looking for a clean, sanitary, and smart litter box situation.


It’s not the right choice for everyone, but it can be a great option if you have a hard time cleaning or need a more streamlined solution.


This is an open-air, automatic litter box designed for cats up to 17 pounds in size.


Once your cat leaves the box, a sensor is activated, which will then automatically sift the litter after a certain period.


This makes it so that all you need to do is empty the drawer; no more scooping or sifting on your own!


While not the right solution for every cat or family, an automatic litter robot might be a good fit if you find it challenging to keep up with litter cleaning or you simply want to introduce more technology into your cat care routine.


4. Hair Remover For Carpet and Furniture

Pets are excellent additions to our lives, but there’s no doubt that their hair can be a frustrating aspect.


Cat hair, in particular, can cling to surfaces such as your sofa and chairs just from your cats taking time to lounge around.


If you don’t already have a good solution to managing this hair in your home, why not add a hair remover to your arsenal.


A great hair remover can easily be dragged over the surface of your sofa, cat tree or tower, and other furnishings to remove built-up hair.


This hair is then simple to remove from the brush, and the process can be quickly repeated.


There’s no reason to feel like you have to accept having a build-up of cat hair and dander in your home just because you own a pet.


Instead, take action to make sure you can keep the clean, comfortable home environment you’ve always wanted.


5. Laugh Along With Costumes Galore

Does your pet enjoy wearing clothes sometimes? Do you think they look adorable in their little outfits? If so, why not add a few more?


It’s been a rough few years for everyone, and the benefits of being able to laugh a little throughout the day cannot be understated.


When you dress your cat up in this cowboy costume, they’ll have a great time, and you’ll be filled with joy.


If cowboy costumes aren’t your thing, don’t worry. Many different cat outfits, costumes, sweaters, and other accessories are available.


Help your cat make a statement with a fun, fancy outfit.



Learn More:



6. Buy A Bed With Luxury In Mind

Cats love to find a cozy, small corner to cuddle up in. Small places offer a sense of security and comfort that they may not find elsewhere, so why not buy them another cat bed or two with this supportive luxury in mind?


Beds designed like sleeping pods are standard for cat owners to provide their feline friends with a safe environment.


Cave-like designs ensure that your cat can climb in and doze without being alert or hyper-aware of its surroundings.


By choosing a luxury bed that can be easily washed and has great durability, you’ll be adding a luxurious sleeping area that will last for years to come.


7. Don’t Forget Travel-Friendly Carriers

Whether you’re just going to be heading to visit family, going on a road trip, or taking off on a cross-country adventure, you may want to bring your cat with you.


Do you have the accessories needed to make this trip as safe and comfortable as possible for your pet?


High-quality, travel-friendly carriers ensure that your pet can come with you while you travel.


Small carriers that fit airplane size restrictions give your pet the comfort, airflow, and security needed.


These same carriers can be used in the car and have seat belt fasteners to ensure an added level of safety.


Many carriers are made small enough to fit under the seat in front of you during takeoff and landing, and then the carriers can be expanded, so your cat has more space during the rest of the flight.


This expandability prioritizes the comfort and safety of your pet.


8. Scratching Posts That Make A Statement

Most cats love to scratch, but do you love where they scratch or the look of their scratching post? Probably not.


As 2022 gets going, however, it’s time to choose scratching posts that balance your cat’s needs with your own.


Fancy cat loungers are a functional piece of decoration for your home. These loungers give your cat somewhere comfortable to lounge while also having somewhere to scratch.


The biggest bonus of all is that the design of these loungers is modern and exciting, so it actually can add to your interior design rather than take away from it.


9. Try Highly Interactive Toys

Top 10 Best Accessories For Cats



Depending on what toys your cat likes to play with, it might be time to incorporate more interactive toys into their repertoire.


Interactive toys that they can spend more time figuring out and playing with.


Spending a lot of time inside can be hard on your pet, especially if you have a busy lifestyle and cannot provide constant enrichment.


If this is something you deal with, it might be time to buy more toys that will stimulate and amuse your pet throughout the day.


10. Still Stuck? Try A Subscription Box

If you haven’t yet found the best accessories for you and your pet in 2022, it might be time to consider a subscription box for cat toys, treats, and other accessories.


MeowBox is the most well-known subscription box, but there are a few different pet options you can consider.


With a subscription box, you will be able to try out various products at a value price.


Why not give it a go?


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