What to Do If A Dog Burns His Tongue? (5 Handy Tips)

What to Do If A Dog Burns His Tongue

No matter how much you try to protect your furry friend, accidents are bound to happen, and one unexpected thing that might occur is your dog burning his tongue.


When this happens, you can do various first-aid treatments like giving your dog cold water or some cool treats.


However, you must be able to figure out the tell-tale signs that your dog is suffering from a burning tongue.

Otherwise, you will not be able to attend to its needs.


In this article, we will share the causes of why your dog burns its tongue, what you can do to treat it, and how you can prevent it from happening again.



Causes of Tongue Burns in Dogs

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1. Chemical Burns

These are burns that are caused by a dog eating substances that are toxic.

Some examples are detergent soap, bleach, and other poisonous substances that are not meant to be consumed.


2. Electrical Burns

Electrical burns often happen to chewers.

These occur in dogs that have not been adequately trained.

Most puppies can also experience this since their teeth are growing, which causes them to chew on many things around your house.


3. Excessively Spicy Food

Spicy foods are not toxic to dogs.

Most dogs are tolerant of spicy foods.

It is because they have fewer taste buds than humans.


They do not taste spiciness.

Instead, they feel the heat in their mouths.


Eating foods with a higher SHU (Scoville Heat Unit) may trigger different symptoms and give significant discomfort to some dogs.


4. Fire or Boiling Liquids

This one is obvious. Some dogs may accidentally burn their mouths by “biting” fire or eating burning charcoal and firewood.

Sometimes, they can also get tempted to try that aromatic soup you left on the table without knowing that it is still boiling.



Signs Your Dog’s Tongue is Burning

You can tell if your dog’s tongue is burning.


It would help if you watched out for the following:

  • Unnatural head movements including pawing or rubbing the face
  • Crying or panting
  • Chewing using only one side of his mouth
  • Weight loss due to loss of appetite
  • Drooling
  • Bad breath
  • Avoiding eating or drinking
  • Swollen mouth, tongue, and gums
  • Blisters in the mouth





5 Things You Can Do When Your Dog Burns His Tongue


1. Figure Out the Cause of the Burn

You will be able to help your dog better if you know the cause of the burnt tongue.

Forcing your dog to open its mouth may not be a good idea because if it is feeling discomfort, it may get the urge to bite you even if it does not mean it.


You can check around your house for clues.

Are there chewed wirings around your home?

Is the storage area where you keep the detergent and bleaches open?


2. Bring Your Dog for Medical Evaluation Immediately

If you suspect that your dog has oral burns, take him immediately to the Vet, then let the Vet know the cause of the burn based on your observations.

It will make it easier for your Vet to understand the situation and discern what kind of treatment your dog needs.


3. Soothe the Mouth with Cold Water

If you cannot take your dog immediately to the vet, apply first aid to the burn.

You can pour cups of cold water into his mouth and tongue.


However, make sure that he will not get choked by the water.

You can do this safely by laying your dog on his side while pouring cold water on his tongue.

It may also help if someone can help calm your dog while doing this procedure.


4. Prepare Soft Foods

While your dog is recovering, make sure that you will be preparing soft foods for him.

Avoid acidic foods that can aggravate the burn. Soft and almost liquid foods will be easier for him to consume.


5. Give Some Cool Treats

Give your dog some homemade dog-friendly ice cream or some icy yogurt. It will help soothe the burn and the discomfort.



How to Prevent Your Dog from Tongue Burns

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Keep Toxic Substances Away from Your Dogs

If you see the label keep away from children, you should take the initiative and keep them away from your pets as well.

Please place them in areas where your furry friend cannot reach them or put them in areas with a safety lock to make sure they are hidden away from your dogs.


Organize Wirings

Any exposed wires can cause electrical burns in your dog’s mouth.

If you have a dog, ensure that cables are hidden and cannot be reached by them.

Try placing these wires behind the furniture.

You can also give your dog safe chew toys so it will not turn to your wires when it needs to chew on something.


Avoid Giving Spicy Foods

To be safe, avoid giving your dog food that is spicy because you will never know how he will react to it.

There are other great homemade dog foods you can give your dog without having to risk them burning their tongues.


Keep Dogs Away from Fire and Boiling Liquids

Always pay attention to your dog when you are in the kitchen cooking or when you are out camping.

Before giving it some nice soup or other liquids, make sure that it is at room temperature or is cold already.


Key Takeaway

We only want what is best for our dogs, but tragedy can strike anytime, even when we are cautious with them.

Remember that when your dog is physically, mentally, or emotionally hurt, you need to be there to comfort and take care of it.


Also, taking your dog to the vet immediately will help prevent any further problems from an existing condition.

You are not a lousy fur parent when an accident happens but take the opportunity to learn and prevent these accidents from happening again.


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