What to Do If Your Dog Ate Melatonin? + What Will Happen

What to Do If Your Dog Ate Melatonin

Melatonin is often drunk by people who find difficulty in sleeping.


What would you do if you walked into your bedroom one day only to find out that your bottle of melatonin is open, and no one is there but your dog?


Is Melatonin Safe for dogs?

If your dog ingested melatonin, would it require you to bring your dog to see the vet?


The answer is it depends. Some dogs can take melatonin under a vet’s approval, but there are many underlying factors before your dog gets clear.


We will be sharing with you the things you can do if your dog accidentally ingests melatonin without a vet’s approval in today’s article.


Melatonin may or may not be safe for dogs – it all depends on the component and the quantity of melatonin that your dog has ingested.

Generally, melatonin is safe for dogs, but only if taken in the proper amount prescribed by your dog’s vet.


If your dog suddenly ate a lot of melatonin, do not even think twice and immediately bring your dog to the vet.


Some Melatonin brands contain Xylitol, and this component is toxic to dogs.

It is why it is essential to consult a Vet first before giving your dog melatonin in any form.


Is Melatonin Toxic to Dogs?

melatonin for dogs

It depends on the component of the melatonin.

Again, some Melatonin brands contain Xylitol which is a known toxic component to dogs.


Some Vets prescribe melatonin for dogs who have difficulty sleeping.

And these are the ones that are considered safe for your furry friend’s consumption – those that their Vets have prescribed.


Some Vets also prescribe melatonin to treat a dog’s hair disorder, cognitive dysfunction, and separation anxiety.


Only give your dog the amount of melatonin and the brand that your vet has prescribed.

Remember that not all Melatonin brands are the same.


Sharing your dog more significant amounts than what is prescribed can cause an overdose.

It may lead to further complications and severe health issues.


Can melatonin cause seizures in dogs?

Yes, melatonin can cause seizures in dogs, but this happens very rarely.

It is why it is of utmost importance to be cautious if you are planning on giving your furry friend a dose of melatonin to help them sleep.


It is also why you should consult a Vet first before taking any action.


Can melatonin kill your dog?

It depends on the amount of melatonin that your dog has taken.


Again, some vets prescribe melatonin for dogs, but it should be taken moderately and according to the vet’s specifications.


If you give your pet the right amount and brand of melatonin, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about.





I Gave My Dog Melatonin – What Would Happen?

Suppose your vet prescribed melatonin for your furry friend, and you gave him one according to the vet’s prescription.


In that case, your dog may experience some symptoms depending on his tolerance to medications and the size of his body.


Some of these symptoms include:

  • Drowsiness
  • Fatigue
  • Increased Heart Rate
  • Digestive Issues

The symptoms may also differ depending on a dog’s health condition.

For instance, a dog with Diabetes should not be taking melatonin because it may cause resistance to Insulin.


Again, it is best to consult your dog’s vet and not to prescribe any medications on your own.

With this, you can be more confident that your dog can safely take melatonin to help cure some of their health issues since you have his vet’s approval.


What Should I Do If My Dog Accidentally Ate Melatonin?

dog with melatonin in front

If your dog ate melatonin accidentally, then you must take action immediately.


Here are some things you can do:


1. Prevent your dog from eating more melatonin

Of course, you would not want your dog to have another dose of melatonin, would you?

Therefore, you should take the melatonin and put it in a secure area.

If your dog found your Melatonin stash on your drawer, then this place is no longer safe for storage, and do not return it there – find a new repository for your melatonin.


2. Understand what happened and why it happened

You must understand what happened and why it happened to act on the situation effectively and prevent it from happening again.


First, take your melatonin when you pay a trip to the vet to have your dog checked so that the vet can determine whether your dog needs further medical attention or will do fine.


It will also help the vet make a quick and accurate diagnosis.


Then, understand why it happened – did you leave your melatonin on the counter?

Did you leave it on the table? Did you give your dog melatonin without a Vet’s approval in purpose?


3. Take your dog to the vet immediately

Last but not least, take your furry friend to the vet immediately.

Do not think twice or try to solve the situation on your own.


Delaying the trip to the vet or trying to consult Google instead of a real expert on the field will only worsen the problem, and you will only be putting your dog’s health in danger if you do this.


Remember that a vet is an expert, and he will know precisely how to help your dog, so be cooperative and do not think twice before bringing your dog to the vet.


Key Takeaway

While your dog may use melatonin to treat some health conditions like separation anxiety or cognitive dysfunction, the vet’s approval must be under the right amount.


Remember to never, under any circumstance, self-prescribe or give your dog melatonin without a vet’s signal.


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