Why Do Dogs Act Weird After Grooming? (3 Reasons)

Why Do Dogs Act Weird After Grooming

Taking your dog to the salon for its regular grooming session is necessary, especially if the weather is scorching hot!

Having your dog groomed is also a great way of ensuring that their health is at an optimum.

However, dogs are like children because they do not like getting haircuts, they hate having their nails trimmed, and they do not like it when someone else tries to brush their teeth for them!

You might even notice your dog cowering away from you or acting as if you have done them wrong after each grooming session.

Many reasons exist why this happens, and some of them include your dog feeling powerless or feeling irritated after something new has been done to their bodies.

This article will discuss why your dog acts weird after every grooming session and what you can do about it.

Five Reasons Why Your Dog Acts Weird After Grooming

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1. It is a very unfamiliar feeling

Taking your dog to the pet salon to have them groomed may result in them having a new or unfamiliar feeling after their hair has been shaved or cut.

If you have a hairy dog, for instance, a poodle, then having their hair shaved will make them feel lighter and “airier” since there is no more fur to lessen the amount of air that typically reaches their body.

This feeling is relatable even for humans!

If you have had long hair and you decide to cut it short, you will feel strange or uneasy at first a few days after you have had your hair cut.

Usually, this is not because you do not like your new hair, but because you are not yet used to your hair’s new length.

So, if your dog is acting weird or is avoiding you, do not worry – it will get used to its new fur soon enough.

2. Your dog feels powerless

Think of this: you are leaving your life at peace, just enjoying every moment, when one day, someone takes you out for a haircut without even asking if you want your hair to be trimmed.

The worst news is, you cannot even complain or do anything about it. It is precisely how your dog feels.

Of course, you cannot seek your dog’s consent before taking them to the pet salon.

And they know that you are the one who holds power and the one who can make their decisions for them.

Because of this, your dog feels powerless, and it is normal for them to feel weird or even confused right after you changed their appearance without them even approving of it.

3. Your dog feels confused

If your dog is used to having an extra layer of protection from the sun’s rays or the cold breeze and their hair just got chopped off, chances are, they would feel confused as to why they are suddenly feeling freezing during nights when they never felt this cold before.

Now that you understand why your dog might be acting weird or strange after a grooming session, you must now explore some ways how you can make your dog feel less anxious whenever they are getting groomed.

How Can You Help?

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You can better prepare your dog for a grooming session by drowning the anxiety they feel and replacing it with pleasant emotions.

If your dog likes the car window open, then roll it down while on your way to the pet salon.

If your dog favors sitting on the passenger’s side, then give them the chance to do so.

This way, they will feel less anxious and less stressed even when they know that you are on the way to the grooming salon.

Help your dog get used to the groomer in advance

Your dog will have to get touched in various locations by its groomer.

So helping them get accustomed to this way before taking them to the pet salon may help ease their anxiety.

The groomer may also use specific tools during the session, so it may help to get your pup familiar with these tools even before the session starts.

However, do not groom your furry friend yourself, especially if you do not have any prior experience doing this.

You might hurt your dog or even cut or bruise them if you accidentally cut their nails deeper or shave their fur in the wrong places.

Reward your dog

Another thing you can do is bring some treats during the session and give them to your dog every time they behave or “do good” during the entire session.

For instance, if your dog sits calmly and quietly for 10 minutes or so, you can give them a treat along with some praises to let them know they have done tremendous and to enforce this good behavior.

You can bring along the toys that your dog likes to help calm it down whenever they are starting to feel anxious.

Key Takeaway

When grooming your dog, it is essential to help him feel relaxed and calm, especially during the entire duration of the grooming session.

Also, keep your eye open for some “abnormal signs” after having your dog groomed.

Like difficulty in walking or limping (might be something that happened when their nails are being trimmed) or unusual scars and bleeding (might be from the tools used when your dog was groomed).

Aside from these “abnormal signs,” you have nothing else to be worried about.

It is standard for your dog to feel a bit anxious or worried a few days after they are groomed, but these should subside in a matter of days

. If you notice these signs linger for more than three days, then you can consult a Vet and have your dog checked to give you and your pup peace of mind.

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