Things to Know About Jack Russell and Blue Heeler Mix

Things to Know About Jack Russell and Blue Heeler Mix

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Having a mix-breed means that your dog is born of 2 different breeds and, therefore, has gotten various characteristics from both its parents.


Today, we will be talking about the Jack Russel and Blue Heeler Mix Breed and everything you need to know about its parents, temperament, diet, and the best environment for this kind of dog.



Meet the Parents

Jack Russell and Blue Heeler
Jack Russell and Blue Heeler

Jack Russell is a terrier that is well known to be a great family dog.

Its adorable slight build and short floppy ears are some things that dog owners surely cannot resist.


They also have short coats that are dominantly white.

Some Jack Russell dogs have a completely white body, while some have big brown spots on their bodies and faces.


The Blue Heeler or Australian Cattle Dog, on the other hand, is fiercer looking than the Jack Russell.

They typically have small to medium-sized builds as adults.


They also have short fur, but they have two coats — the outer and inner coats.

It is because they were initially bred as helpers to drive cattle over challenging terrains.

That is why they need a thicker coat to protect them from the harsh weather outside.


How Does a Jack Russell-Blue Heeler Look Like?

Jack Russell and Blue Heeler Mix
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When mixing these two breeds, the appearance of their pups can be very unpredictable.

Some Jack Russell-Blue Heeler pups have the body build of a Jack Russel with the coat of a Blue Heeler.

In some cases, the dogs can appear to have a robust and muscular form of the Blue Heeler and the coat colors of a Jack Russell.


But one thing is for sure – you will not be able to get a big dog from this mix.

The biggest Jack Russell-Blue Heeler you can get would be about 20 inches tall from the shoulder that weighs around 60 lbs.


You may also find a Jack Russell-Blue Heeler mix with floppy ears or pointed ears.

It all depends on the outcome and who’s genes will dominate after mating. It is one of the exciting parts of mixing these two breeds.


The Jack Russell-Blue Heeler Temperament

Just like their appearance, you may get a Jack Russell-Blue Heeler mix dog that will have both the traits of their parents.


For example, a Jack Russell can be stubborn, so you may find your pup to be a bit hard to train if it has inherited this trait.

The Blue Heeler can be somewhat cautious, so introducing other dogs to them may pose a bit of a problem.


Even though they have their fair share of differences, both parent breeds have similar qualities.

They are both energetic, so you would need to be ready to go on daily walks or jogs with your Jack Russell-Blue Heeler dog.


You may also observe that your mixed dog may pick fights with other animals quite often.

It is because both its parent breeds are brave and bold.


However, this is a common trait for most small dog breeds.


If you have children, you can consider this mixed breed as a family dog – you can say that the loyalty you will receive will genuinely be unrivaled.

They are great companions for kids because they can keep up with your children’s energy.



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Jack Russell-Blue Heeler Mix Breed Diet

Now, this can be a tricky one. Jack Russell dogs are small and need to be fed adequately.

Not giving them enough food will be wrong as they are highly energetic but giving them too much can result in obesity and many different illnesses.


On the other hand, Blue Heelers need a lot of protein to keep their muscular bodies fit.


To determine the proper diet for your Jack Russell-Blue Heeler dog, you need to observe the body type it has inherited.

It would be a great idea to consider their daily habits.

If your dog likes to nap a lot, you may want to limit its food to what is just required for its body weight.

If it always jumps around and follows you anywhere, consider increasing its food portion.


Schedule a check-up with the vet for your dog regularly to know if you have been overfeeding it or not.

It will help you adjust your feeding schedule accordingly.


Like with any other dogs, homemade dog food is the best for them.

Please give them the right amount of carbs with some fruits and vegetables to keep them happy and healthy.

Although, avoid giving them raisins and grapes because it is a source of kidney failure in dogs.


Best Environment for Your Jack Russell-Blue Heeler

You would want your home to be an excellent place for your Jack Russell-Blue Heeler.

If you can provide an ample open space such as a lawn or backyard where it can run around and play, your dog will surely be happy.

Inside your house, make sure that they do not have access to dangerous substances or wires.

It is because Blue Heelers may try to chew them as a form of jaw exercise.


Some Jack Russell dogs also do this if they have excess energy they cannot burn, which sooner leads to anxiety and stress.


A Jack Russell-Blue Heeler may have the same habits so try to avoid it getting hurt and your house becoming a big chewing restaurant for it.

Ensure your dog has many chew toys and other activities if there is no option for them to go out.


Key Takeaway

Keeping a Jack Russell and Blue Heeler mix dog can be challenging if you do not know what you are dealing with.

You will be faced with a very energetic dog that will surely love you forever.


It is why you need to make sure that you provide everything it needs to be healthy and happy.


Remember, when you see something wrong with your dog, take it to the vet immediately to avoid unfortunate events.



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