When Can You Feel Puppies Move In Pregnant Yorkie?

When Can You Feel Puppies Move In Pregnant Yorkie

Yorkie pups are such tiny and fragile pets, that they need a lot of attention to keep them safe.


Pregnant Yorkie’s need extra care during this time so it is important to not overlook the small details.


The momma pup will need care from the time she’s in her early months until after their birth — careful handling is necessary for this special breed!


So when will you be able to feel the puppies move in a pregnant yorkie? Before establishing when exactly you can feel the puppies moving in a pregnant yorkie, you first need to be aware and the stages of its pregnancy.

Science shows that the time when you can most likely feel the puppies moving in your yorkie’s tummy is in the sixth or seventh week of the pregnancy.


On average, a dog’s pregnancy may take anywhere from 58 to 65 days.

This is the same for yorkies as well. (PS. Check out our article about white yorkie!)

When your dog is expecting, it is normal to feel a sense of excitement.


You will have many questions. You may wonder when your dog will finally give birth.


You may ask yourself when you will finally be able to hold your little puppies.


Understanding how puppies develop in the womb during the pregnancy will help you to place a keen eye on your dog’s health.


The fact that you will finally feel the puppies moving in the pregnant yorkie will give you peace of mind.


When Exactly Can You Feel the Puppies Moving?

a pregnant yorkie

Generally, through the process of abdominal palpation, you can be able to feel the puppies moving in the womb when your yorkie is about six or seven weeks along.


When the yorkie is about six weeks pregnant, the developing puppies may be just big enough to have sex organs.


When your yorkie is about seven weeks along in its pregnancy, the pups in her womb will have grown even larger to the point that their bones are almost fully developed.


However, you should not take this to mean that the puppies in your yorkie’s womb are strong enough and fully developed to withstand your frequent palpation and feeling of their mother’s womb.


How to Conduct the Palpation Process

Palpation refers to the process of feeling for the movement of the puppies in the womb of your pregnant dog.


The first step is to place the inner side of your palm carefully against the tummy of your yorkie.


Pay attention here.

The movement is not something so drastic so failing to pay adequate attention will render your palpation efforts futile.

If you are not keen enough, you will miss the “subtle” movements.

Be a bit patient and wait for the puppies to change position.

When they do change position, this is when you will feel them moving in the womb.


Avoid poking your yorkie’s tummy when carrying out your palpation.

This may hurt your dog. In addition, you may hurt the puppies in the womb.


Also, if your yorkie behaves in such a way to suggest that they do not like being touched or felt on their tummy, kindly let them be.

This is to avoid making them be restless and uncomfortable.


Let us quickly highlight the different stages that you can follow to understand the pregnancy cycle of your yorkie in anticipation of the little ones.


The Gestation Period of Yorkies (or Dogs in General)

yorkie resting

The entire pregnancy of your yorkie will have you sweating a bit.


This is especially true when you see them being restless and not their normal selves.


Understanding what happens in your yorkie’s womb during pregnancy will make you rest more and not worry about the state of their health.


Week 1

What happens during this week is basically fertilization.


There is the formation of a zygote that occurs when a sperm cell penetrates an egg cell.


This is the first step towards the creation and development of a puppy in your yorkie’s womb.


Week 2 and Week 3

This stage is generally characterized by the formation of the embryo that will develop into your yorkie’s pup.


Another thing that occurs here is the formation of the “future” pup’s brain, spinal cord and other features such as muscles and tendons.



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Week 4

Here, the fetus of the pup(s) is formed. The internal organs also start developing together with the head and even the eyes.


The “incoming” pup also develops in size significantly to the extent that they can be visible through ultrasounds done at the vet’s clinic!


Week 5

Here, the fetus resembles a real puppy with distinct features such as nails and even whiskers!


The vet here can carefully palpate to feel for any movements in your yorkie’s womb.


Week 6

The fetus here has developed significantly, to the point that they now have sexual organs and skin pigmentation.


Now to the crux of the matter, from this point on is where you can essentially feel the puppies moving in your yorkie’s womb by yourself at home!


Week 7

At seven weeks, you might be able to see the puppies moving when you keenly observe the tummy of your yorkie.


They can also be felt moving in your yorkie. The pups have not fully developed by this point especially when it comes to their skeleton.


Week 8 and Week 9

All the organs and skeletons of the puppies should be fully developed by now and they may be born anytime here!



Final Thoughts

Essentially, puppies in your yorkie can mostly be felt moving when your dog is about six weeks along in the pregnancy.


You should be careful when you are feeling the puppies in your yorkie’s belly.


Be careful not to hurt them or the puppies in their womb! Palpation should be an avenue that should give you peace of mind.


This is because by witnessing the movements of puppies in your yorkie’s womb, you will be assured that they are in perfect health and there is nothing to worry about.


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