Why Are Dogs Banned in Iceland? (9 Reasons)

Why Are Dogs Banned in Iceland

Dogs are funny, loving, and purely amazing creatures. However, not everyone loves having dogs.


There are areas in the world where dogs are banned, and one of them is Iceland.


Some of the reasons why dogs are banned in this country are because dogs are considered carriers of parasites, they are illegally bred, and the government is preserving the country for tourists and movie makers.


In today’s article, we will share nine reasons why dogs have been banned in Iceland and a detailed explanation for each.


1. Dogs Are Considered Carriers Of Parasites

Around the 1920s, a city in Iceland banned dogs as they were found to be carrying a certain kind of tapeworm.


This tapeworm called echinococcosis can cause blindness and a lot of different diseases in humans.


It is hard to treat someone infected by this tapeworm back then and even today.


So understandably, dogs were banned in the past when medical technology was not as advanced.


But after some years, the city has allowed the ownership of dogs if strict conditions were met, and protocols were followed.


2. Dangerous Dog Breeds

Angry pitbull

Today, dogs are allowed in Iceland except for some breeds that the country considers to be dangerous.


Here are some dog breeds that cannot enter Iceland:

  • Argentine Mastiff
  • Brazilian Mastiff
  • Pit Bull Terrier
  • Tosalnu

Other dogs that have wolf breed mixes are also deemed dangerous.


These dogs have had issues in other parts of the world where they became too aggressive and posed a significant threat to people, even their owners.


3. Illegal Breeding

This third reason is tied up to reason number two.


The government may be preventing the crossbreeding of dangerous dog breeds to those breeds allowed in the country.


Though crossbreeding may be healthier for the dogs’ health, there is a risk of the dogs inheriting the traits of the dangerous parent dog.


Therefore, breeding other dogs that are found to be safe by the government is OK if it does not involve illegal dog breeds.



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4. Preserving The Country As A Favorite Place For Moviemakers

Game of Thrones, The Star Wars, and James Bond are only some of the many movies and television series shot in Iceland.


The country’s naturally beautiful sights are one reason why many moviemakers love shooting their masterpiece in Iceland.


However, there is a chance that this can all change when illegal dog breeds become strays in the country.


The danger of these aggressive dog breeds becoming loose can become a severe problem for the movie industry.


While this could be controlled, the budget needed to catch these stray dogs to make the area safe for the moviemakers can take a toll on the country’s national budget.


5. Preventing Rabies And Dog Attack Cases

Because of Iceland’s preventive measures, they are one of the countries with zero cases of rabies.


Their laws are strict regarding pet ownership, so all pet dogs are rabies-free as owners are responsible for having their pets’ vaccines up to date.


The possibility of any dog attacking a human is still there, but it is not as high, and the effects are not as critical with aggressive dog breeds.


6. Controlling The Increase Of Stray Dogs

stray dogs

Stray dogs can be a problem in any country if it is not controlled early.


There is a chance of these strays attacking humans, destroying properties, and infecting people and other animals with various diseases.


As Iceland prevents aggressive breeds in the country, they avoid the increase of stray dogs.


However, it requires more space to house these dogs since most ferocious species are more significant than usual.


It would also need the skills of expert dog catchers who know how to handle aggressive dogs better.


7. Preserving Local Dog Breeds

Iceland is home to many energetic, hardworking, and loveable dog breeds.


They could be trying to preserve these local dog breeds that Iceland is proud of.


Even though they already allow dogs in the country, entering with a dog from another country would require permits and other documentation.


They do not even enable short-term visits if you have your dog with you.


However, you may bring your dog if you plan on migrating or staying for a long time in the country.


8. Keeping A Great Experience For Tourists

Some tourists avoid places with a lot of stray dogs. It is one of the reasons why they are very strict with dogs entering the country.


As previously stated, the country does not allow visitors with dogs if they only stay for a short period.


If you are going to migrate to Iceland with your dog, you will need to meet all their requirements before they allow your dog into the country.


Since all dogs are listed, if they find a stray dog causing problems or roaming around, they can undoubtedly file a case against you for irresponsible pet ownership.


9. Keeping Beaches Clean For Locals And Tourists

Iceland has some fantastic artificial and natural beaches.


They are strict with dogs entering the country because they want to keep the beauty and cleanliness of these beaches.


When owners irresponsibly let dogs roam at these beaches, they will be held liable for the damage that their pets could cause.


Key Takeaway

Although Iceland previously banned dogs, they are allowing these furry friends in the country now.


A city prohibited dogs in the past for understandable reasons, but they are now welcoming dogs except for some dangerous dog breeds.


If you plan to visit the country and stay for a couple of months, you may be allowed to bring your dog if ever you meet some of the imposed conditions.


Remember to be responsible and conduct sufficient research before visiting any country with your furry best friend.


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