Why Do Cats Like Hard Surfaces?

Why Do Cats Like Hard Surfaces

Cats are such delicate and lovable creatures.


Well, until you irritate them and the claws come out!


Cats love to do many things.


One of them is to lie down on hard surfaces, making us wonder why they do that.


We are even sometimes picky about our bed and how hard the mattress should be.


So, why do cats like hard surfaces so much? Well, read on to find out.


Is Sleeping on Hard Surfaces Normal for Cats?

Yes. It is perfectly okay for cats to sleep on hard surfaces often.


You should be alarmed if they do not.


If that occurs, then there might be something wrong with the surface, or something is going on with your cat, or they simply do not want to bother.


Remember that cats are whimsical creatures.


Why does my cat love hard surfaces?

cat likes hard surfaces


Cats sense minor softness variations and changes in temperatures.


When the room temperature rises above 25 degrees centigrade, you will most likely find your cat lying on the floor.


The same thing goes when they have been active for the day, and their body temperatures rise.


The floor tends to be colder than the rest of the surfaces around the house, especially if it is cement or tile.


So, to cool and calm themselves, they come and go their traditional “boneless” positions and lie down on the floor for long periods.


Scents can also play a vital role.


Cats want to sleep on a clean scented floor because of its pleasant smell and flat surface.


Scented floors are one of the best choices for cats.


Consider these following scents to use when you are cleaning your floors that your cats will love:

  • Plant/aloe scents
  • lavender
  • wheatgrass
  • mint and lemongrass


Remember that cats will always have their hunting instinct for the rest of their lives, so a position that provides good escape or traps chances is an essential factor.


Flat vantage points such as wall corners, drawer tops, or under the table are some of the most common choices.



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How should I prep the area?

Cats are suckers for hard surfaces like floors, tabletops, or even kitchen counters.


It helps them cool down and feel comfortable, especially when these places are where we often stay as our scents linger.


This gesture not only expresses their urge for comfort and preference but also It is the way our cats express closeness to us, whether we are with them or not.


When you know that the area is an everyday go-to for your cat, you need to clean it regularly.


It is especially true for countertops, tables, and other areas that you also use, especially for eating.


But, do using bleach moderately if you use it in cleaning.


After disinfecting floor areas with chlorine, cats will occasionally become accustomed to the smell of the strong chemical, which might lead to minor to more severe issues.


Ammonia gives this warning much more intensely.


Consider using vinegar as a safe deodorizer in these situations.



Cats are fond of hard surfaces because it is part of their nature to do so.


They love hard surfaces because of comfort, temperature, scents, and more.


So, when you see your cat lying on the floor, do not think it is peculiar.


It is perfectly normal, instead prep the area to help them become comfortable and for cleanliness as well.


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