Golden Retriever Puppies Sleeping So Much – Know The Reasons

Golden Retriever Puppies Sleeping So Much

Golden retrievers are fun and friendly, right?

They go after the frisbee, team up with us in hiding and seeking, help load the dishwasher- you know, the full nine yards.

But what if all your golden retriever does is sleep?


Golden retriever puppies sleeping more than they should is normal for any dog breed. But if the retriever puppies sleep for longer than they should, they could be bored or feeling hot. Also, check if the puppies are sick or under-exercised which could be the cause of oversleeping.


It can be such a bummer watching golden retriever puppies sleeping instead of running around or play-fighting each other like the little mutts they are.

Before you imagine the worst of these sleeping furbabies, here are the reasons behind their endless slumber.


They are being dogs

Golden retriever puppy sleeping

An interesting fact is that dogs sleep for 12 hours a day.

We know it feels like they spend every hour of their life by your side aiding you in your chores and binge-watching.

But if you think about it, Bingo spends more time sleeping beside you rather than watching you.


For puppies, snoozing for more than 12 hours is the norm.

Golden retriever puppies sleeping for 14 hours or more guarantees their growth and development.

Puppies need all the energy they need to develop their bodies.


Half of that energy is spent on running around wreaking havoc and the other half is spent counting sheep.


Your puppies could be bored

A golden retriever prides itself on being an absolute goof.

Every moment spent awake is dedicated to discovering new things or playing.

When your golden retriever exercises less, he gets bored and spends the rest of his day sleeping off the pent-up energy.



Always be yourself, unless you can be a golden retriever. Then always be golden



An adult golden retriever requires at least an hour of exercise a day.

Puppies will require more than that given their high energy reserves.

When you are not playing with your retriever puppy, make sure he has enough toys to keep him busy when he is awake.

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Your retriever could be feeling hot

Dog in front of a fan

Given his long-haired coat, a golden retriever can find it hard to cool off in hot weather.

If the house he lives in is not well-ventilated, he may end up suffering heat exhaustion.

This is because his thick fur traps hot air and his paw pads are not sweating enough.


Heat exhaustion will make a retriever puppy lethargic.

They grow sluggish gradually and spend the whole day sleeping.

You will know your retriever pup is heat exhausted if they spend so much time sleeping at the expense of other activities.



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Sickness can cause excessive sleeping

Puppy in vet

Sickness can wear down a puppy until all they do sleep.

Intestinal parasites like hookworms drain the energy of a puppy leaving the poor pup lethargic.


Parvovirus, the Kennel cough, or hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) can all cause a puppy to spend more hours sleeping.

If a puppy was once active then suddenly started sleeping, there is a good chance the little fellow is sick.

Rush the puppy to a vet for a full check-up and proper diagnosis.


Is it the diet?

pet food

There could be ingredients in your dog’s food that are slowing the champ down.

Or maybe you are overfeeding him and gaining too much weight.

If he is not getting enough activity in his life, he gradually grows sluggish.


Maybe someone is feeding your dog stuff he is not supposed to eat.

Maybe your kids feed him chocolate or someone gave him a slice of pizza with garlic and onions in it.


Some human foods may be delicious but very toxic to our dogs.

Eating too much of them could not only make your dog slow but these foods can damage his internal organs as well.



❗ Important

Do not feed your golden retriever puppies too much sugary or starchy foods. They will only gain unhealthy weight which can hinder their growth and development.



Why does my golden retriever sleep awkwardly?

Puppy belly up

Every retriever puppy out there has a preferred sleeping position.

Most times it is normal to sleep in a side position.


Then there are those golden retriever puppies’ sleeping positions that are hilarious and worth writing about here.


Back down belly up

This position says that your Golden retriever feels safe and relaxing.

It is a vulnerable position for a dog to sleep in which means your retriever trusts you completely.

This sleeping position is also good for cooling off on a hot day.


Belly up head to the side

This is the most preferred position for golden retriever puppies sleeping together.

It is a position reserved for quick naps or night-long sleeps.

It says your retriever feels safe and relaxed where he is.


The U-Turn

Your golden retriever is still sleeping belly up but curled in a U shape.

It may look uncomfortable to you but your retriever is fully passed out to notice.

It is a position a retriever would use if they are recovering from heat exhaustion.


Curled up ball

This is the only position that has the golden retriever sleeping belly down.

He is curled up in a near-perfect circle to keep warm.

Golden retriever puppies sleeping in a litter would snuggle in this position.


Back to back

This is when two retrievers sleep together as if they are spooning.

It is a position reserved for bonding while sleeping.

If your retriever sleeps on your bed, he will have his back towards you as well.



If your golden retriever puppies sleeping a lot worries you, take them to the vet to find out if they are fine.

It is normal for golden retriever puppies to sleep more than 14 hours.

If your retriever suddenly sleeps longer than his usual hours, it could be a sign of boredom, illness, overheating, or allergic reaction to food.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Most dogs have an on and off schedule with their sleep. Your retriever knows it is bedtime when he sees you go to bed. But rest assured he will wake up several times in the night to check if you and the house are okay.

Toy breeds like the Shih Tzu, Pekingese, French Bulldog, Chow Chow, and Pug are certified heavy sleepers. Large dog breeds like the Mastiff, Greyhound, Saint Bernard, and Great Dane are more likely to hit the snooze button longer.

Young and old dogs sleep for longer hours a day. An old golden retriever would sleep up to 18 hours. This time is divided into tiny quick naps throughout the day. If your dog goes for longer hours without waking up in between, take them for a check-up.

An adult dog sleeps for 12 hours and puppies would sleep for longer than that. But if your dog is showing other symptoms like vomiting, coughing, or loss of appetite, they could be sick.


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