Why Do Cats Like Their Tail Pulled?

Why Do Cats Like Their Tail Pulled

The feline’s tail is complicated.


There might be instances that appear like your cat isn’t mindful of its tail. It leads them around much of the moment.


You might see your cat’s tail trapped in the doorways when it tries to run around or chasing a rodent.


The tail is fascinating while your cat is doing an activity.


It is a common belief that you should not pull it by all means.


However, there might be some point in your life as a cat owner that it wants its tail pulled.


So, why do cats tend to like this? Let’s find out!



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Cats Having Their Tail Pulled: What Does It Mean?

As a cat owner, you pet your fur baby all the time.


When you place a cat on its back, they lift its back legs to rub the tail bone against you gently.


Sometimes the cat is going to go back for another round of cuddling.


How cute!


Generally, pulling a cat’s tail suggests recognition or a form of stimulus that your cat might find either comforting or annoying.


To find out what works, you should know the first move to effectively pulling its tail.


Try to pet its head.


When it walks past, or lays there, or does a random thing, it spreads the petting gesture to its tail.


Almost all felines are going to accept this.


Other Benefits of Pulling Your Cat’s Tail

cat tail being pulled


If you can pet your cat’s tail, you will experience additional perks aside from the comfort of your fur baby.


When the cat runs under your side, you softly grasp its tail and let it tug.


You’re petting the whole tail now, not only the tip.


Your cat may arch their backs in pleasure, ask for another go, or stop for a moment.


Cats are exactly like that.


If your cat lets you pull its tail, it means that it trusts you.


When you gain trust as an owner towards your pet, you’re going to be able to grasp it more closely.


Cats grow to enjoy this easily, perhaps more than the usual stuff that you do.


You should take note as well that they might get bored if you’re doing the same thing over and over.


For instance, if you attempt to pull the tail on your cat, you might see it struggle or show any expression of despise.


Some cats might run or cover themselves as a defense mechanism.


If you experience this, find other alternatives such as rubbing their backs or heads.


Later, you can attempt to go for the tail.


Gradually, they will learn to love it!



So, why does your cat love having its tail stroked?


It sends a message that they find comfort, security, or trust.


On the other hand, they might find it irritating or disturbing since every cat is different.


Take extra care when pulling your cat’s tail.


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