Why Do Dogs Alligator Roll? (9 Reasons)

Why Do Dogs Alligator Roll

Dogs have a habit of rolling over their backs repeatedly or what is most called the “alligator roll.”


Is this behavior normal..?


And why do dogs do this?


Some reasons why dogs do the alligator roll are happy, excited, or maybe, your dog wants to get your attention.


In today’s article, we will share nine reasons why dogs do the alligator roll and whether you should be worried when you see them do this.


1. Your Dog Trusts You

dog rolling on the grass


Dogs usually roll on their backs to show that they trust you.


Remember that when a dog’s body is facing the opposite way, their chests are exposed, and they have their guards down.


They only do this action when they are around people or other animals that they trust.


Also, you can only see your dog doing this on familiar territory because when a dog is somewhere it is not familiar with, chances are, it will be on guard for possible “attacks” or predators lurking around.


2. Your Dog is Showing Signs of Submissiveness

Whenever your dog is rolling over, it may also mean that it is showing signs of submissiveness.


A dog that shows you its weak spots is a dog that not only trusts you but a dog that knows that you are its master and its one true friend.


3. Your Dog is Showing Signs of Happiness

Aside from being trusting and submissive, rolling over as a crocodile may also mean that your dog is happy.


It is just like when dogs wag their tails uncontrollably out of pure happiness and excitement.


However, in this case, your dog not only wags its tail but uses its entire body to let you know that it is happy, excited, and contented being with you.


It may be evident during playtime or whenever you are bonding with your dog.



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4. Your Dog is Disguising Itself

Dogs may not only be rolling over for fun — they may also do it to disguise themselves and conceal their scent.


It is one instinctual behavior dogs inherited from their ancestors in the wild, and they have brought it with them even now.


Those dogs in the wild defend themselves by rolling in the dirt or stinky objects to hide their scents and mislead other predators.


If your dog is rolling over stinky objects, try to distract them or remove what they are rolling themselves on.


However, if it is something that cannot be moved to another place, like the ground, for instance, then make sure to clean it using a brush, soap, and water.


So that the next time your dog rolls around in it, it will not catch its scent.


5. It is Your Dog’s “Guilty Pleasure”

a happy dog


Sometimes, there is no deeper meaning as to why your dog rolls over like an alligator — it wants to do it.


it may love the feeling of how rolling on some objects feels on its back.


You may notice this when your dog rolls over a toy with no particular scent because, for him, this is like receiving a back rub.


You may think that rolling on complex objects or even on the ground is not pleasurable at all.


But you have to remember that your dog won’t be doing it repeatedly if it causes pain or discomfort.


6. Your Dog’s Back is Itchy

Rolling over is like rubbing its back on a hard surface to get the itch or discomfort out.


If you think that this is the reason for your dog’s behavior, make sure to check its fur for any tick bites and bring it to the grooming station if needed.


7. Your Dog Is Bored

If your dog is clamped up all day inside the house, then chances are, it is bored, and rolling over like a crocodile takes its mind off the boredom.


Because it gives it something else to do rather than sit around and wait for you to finish doing your tasks.


8. Your Dog is Seeking Your Attention

Rolling over means either your dog wants to go out, or it wants to play with you.


And the only thing that it knows would get your attention is by doing this.


If you see your dog doing this quite a lot and stopping every time you turn to it and give it your attention, then maybe you should spend more time with your dog.


Remember that dogs are emotional beings too, and you are the only important thing that they have in the world — the only important thing in their lives.


9. Your Dog is Trying to Prevent Aggression

Last but not least, your dog is rolling over its back like a crocodile to prevent any aggression.


It is usually seen when dogs play with you or any other dogs because lying on their backs means that they are not trying to attack.


Instead, it is showing signs of submissiveness, and so the other dogs it is playing with will not mistake its actions for aggression.


Key Takeaway

Your dog’s actions may have different meanings, depending on the circumstances surrounding the actions it makes.


You know your dog best. Ensure to give it enough attention to know what message it conveys to you through its actions.


Give some time to play and bond with your dog.


Please get to know it better to understand its needs and wants.


The action you may have mistaken for another unwanted behavior might be your dog’s way of telling you that they miss you and that they want to spend time with you.


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