Why Does My Dog Blow Bubbles in Water? (9 Reasons)

Why Does My Dog Blow Bubbles in Water

You are walking your dog one afternoon when suddenly, they run to the nearest pond they see and start to dip their heads on the water.


You begin to panic and approach your dog, only to realize that they are blowing bubbles in the water.


Is your dog enjoying it? Is he trying to cool down? What are the possible reasons why your dog is blowing bubbles in the water?


There are a few reasons why your dog is blowing bubbles in the water. Some reasons are cute like they are playing, trying to entertain themselves, or simply trying to cool themselves down. Other reasons, however, are scary.

This behavior may suggest that your dog is exhibiting signs of pain, discomfort, or even a tell-tale sign that your dog has an infection that you do not know about.


In today’s article, we will share nine reasons why your dog is blowing bubbles in the water.


1. Playing with the Water

dog playing under the water


Dogs who go to the beach or playing in rivers and ponds have higher chances of learning how to make bubbles in the water.


It could be a form of entertainment for them. Some dogs blow bubbles in their water dish or in any other form of water they can find.


2. Preventing Water to Get in Their Noses

In some cases, some dogs who can dive underwater would learn how to prevent water from getting in their noses.


If they submerge their heads underwater, they will surely know how to blow bubbles.


There are training methods to teach dogs how to do this, but they can learn this naturally if you let them go swimming often.


When you do not take them to the beach or pool for quite some time, they may start doing this action at home in your tub, toilet, or with the water dish.


3. Mimicking Actions of Swimming

It is somehow related to reason number two.


A dog who loves to swim will find ways to entertain himself if it has somehow been held back to doing what it loves.


It could imitate what it has been doing at the pool or beach with any water source it finds in your house.


4. Trying to Cool Themselves Off

Dogs sweat differently than humans.


They do not have sweat glands in their bodies – these are found in the paws and ear canals.


They sweat to regulate their body temperature when it gets too hot, and besides sweating, panting is another way for them to cool themselves off.


However, when the temperature gets too hot for them to handle, they may find other ways to cool themselves off.


For instance, by playing with water or trying to submerge their faces or heads in the water.


Because of this, they may develop the bubble-blowing skill as they try to cool themselves off on a hot afternoon.



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5. Dog Dish is Not Ideal for Drinking

When a dog dish is not ideal for drinking, a dog’s nose or a large portion of the dog’s snout may become submerged in the container.


It is why it is essential to choose a good water dish for your dog.


Some breeds like Pugs and Boxers do not have snouts, and their noses may undoubtedly get into the water when drinking if the dish is too deep.


The bubbles they blow may be their way of drinking and preventing the water from getting into their noses.


Try to get a good drinking dish to make it easier for them to drink water.


6. Experiencing Pain or Discomfort

A dog’s behavior changes when he feels pain or discomfort.


Sometimes, a dog may eat and drink less frequently than before, and most of the time, it could be the exact opposite.


There are also chances where they would distract themselves from pain by doing strange things like playing with their food and water, like blowing bubbles in the water, for instance.


It would be best if you considered this as a sign that your dog is not feeling well so that you can proactively act on it.


7. Curiosity

puppy under the water


There are some viral videos and stories of puppies blowing bubbles in their water dishes.


It could be that they are curious about the tiny bubbles they see, so they keep on doing it.


Young creatures can be curious and playful.


It could be one reason why your pup seems to be repeatedly blowing bubbles in the water after discovering this skill.


8. Caused by an Infection

Try to observe your dog if the bubbles occur while his nose is in the water or even when it is not.


Your dog may have an infection, or there could be preventing him from breathing properly.


It is best to observe your dog closely for any signs of infection, such as a watery nose and even seizures.


9. Caused by a Neurological Disorder

The most dangerous cause of your dog blowing bubbles in water is a neurological problem.


It could be that there is a damaged portion in their brain or a tumor that could be fatal and even life-threatening.


It can cause your dog to do strange actions like blowing bubbles in the water.


If you observe your dog doing this and not drinking much from its dish, take it to the vet immediately.


To detect if a neurological problem causes this, the vet will need to perform various tests on him.


It is best that you also observe other signs of neurological disorders like:

  • Inability to walk straight or balance issues
  • Seizures
  • Strange eye movements
  • Change in eating habits


Key Takeaway

A dog blowing bubbles in the water may be an entertaining and funny sight for us, and most of the time, it is nothing to be worried about.


However, there is still a chance that this simple action may be a sign of something more serious.


There is no harm if you bring your dog to the vet when you see your dog doing this too often.


After all, being safe is always better than being sorry.


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