Why Do Dogs Lunge at Your Face? (9 Possible Reasons)

Why Do Dogs Lunge at Your Face

Dogs are some of the most playful creatures we have.


Energetic and lively are just some of the terms that can be used to describe them.


When they are around us, they usually engage in all sorts of games and mischief.


Some of them even go to the extent of lunging at our faces and “getting at us”.


If your dog has ever lunged at you, you know that this can be pretty painful.


However, our dogs perceive this as just being a normal game.

Why do they lunge on our faces though? Is it a game they like to play? Is it their way of showing that they can be aggressive? Well, several reasons have always been given to explain this behavior. Indeed, some people attribute this behavior to the dog being aggressive.

Others are of the opinion that your dog may do this if they are scared or afraid. Alternatively, your dog may just be in need of your attention!


Reasons that can make your dog to lunge at you are many.


It is up to you to decipher what is pushing your dog to do it and how to stop it.


This is very important to avert potential problems.


As much as your dog may find this to be a playful thing to do, you should not encourage this behavior.


This is because your dog may increase the level of aggression in their lunges.


Soon, the once harmless lunges may graduate into potentially hurtful ones that may injure you.


Our post today will highlight the reasons why this playful sport should be a “no-no”.


Reasons Why Your Dog May Be Lunging At Your Face


1. Your Dog May Be Seeking Your Attention

dog front face


This is as simple as it sounds.


Your dog may have noticed that you have not been giving them as much attention as they would like.


These are clever and intelligent little creatures you know.

Therefore, they can pick up on even the slightest changes in your behavior.


If they sense that your attention towards them is diminishing, expect a lot of lunging in your face.


They know by doing this and nagging you, you are bound to pay more attention to them.


You are encouraged to desist from “enabling” this bad behavior.


Ignoring them at times when they do this is a better option.


2. Perhaps Your Furry Friend May Just Be Scared and Afraid

Dogs are some of the creatures that can react just because of instinct alone.


When they get the feeling that they are in potential danger, they will react.


This is why they have developed a habit of lunging at people whenever they feel threatened in some way.


They will lunge at your face if they get the slightest feeling that they can be harmed in whatever little way.


3. Your Furry Friend May Be Excited To See You

Dogs become very lively when they are excited.


They literally become a bundle of energy, jumping up and down everywhere.


It will therefore not be a surprise to see them lunging at your face when they are super excited to see you.


If you have not seen each other for some time, expect some non-stop lunges from your pup!



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4. Your Dog May Simply Be Bored

Dogs normally tend to engage in all sorts of activities, games, and mischief when bored.


Lunging at your face may seem like a game to them.


They consider it a harmless sport.


They are not fully aware that they may hurt you even if they do not really intend to.


5. It is Their Way of Getting You To Do Something

Things would be much easier if your dog could talk right?


Sometimes, your dog may lunge at your face because they are trying to communicate.


They may just be innocently trying to tell you that they want to be fed or go for a walk.


However, because they cannot talk, they figure out that lunging at your face may help them to pass the message to you.


6. It is a Behavior You Have Enabled Yourself

dog running towards the camaera


Oftentimes, the behavior of your dog lunging at your face may be down to your own enabling-either knowingly or unknowingly!


In previous occasions, if you did not stamp your authority by showing them that you do not condone lunging at your face, they will keep on doing this.


Also, if they used to lunge at your face and you rewarded this behavior (e.g., by giving them toys).


This behavior will get be very difficult to abolish.


7. Your Dog May Just Be Trying To Show Some Affection

Dogs have numerous ways that they can use to show you affection.


They love a lot of physical contact with you.


They can cuddle you the whole day because they love this.


When you are petting it, for instance, it may tend to lunge at your face.


Its intention is simply to show you that he loves you and is comfortable around you.


8. It is Their Form Of Greeting

This may be your dog’s version of saying “hello”!


Once they see you, they can jump up and down and lung at your face because they are glad to see you again.


It is just how they greet us.


9. It is A Show Of Aggression

Lunging at our faces can also be a sign that shows they are trying to show us that they can be aggressive as well.


They may be trying to show you that they are strong and can be the alpha.


Final Thoughts

It has been widely recommended that we do not condone this bad behavior in our dogs.


Many people take it lightly. Over time, however, this issue may spiral out of control.


You may get hurt in the process.


As soon as you see that your dog has started to develop this behavior, nip it in the bud.


Do not allow it to progress.


It is not only a potential source of injury but also a behavior that can transform your adorable little pup into an unbearable creature.


Eventually, the bond between the two of you is bound to take a massive hit and consequently weaken!


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