Why Do Dogs Make Noise When They Yawn? (Whining & Squeaking)

Why Do Dogs Make Noise When They Yawn

Ever cared to watch those funny viral videos of dogs yawning and making noises all over the place?


Well, those are not just videos, they are actually what our furry friends do.


It is not uncommon to hear dogs making very funny noises when they are yawning.


It is normal behavior in dogs.


Just why do they do this though? We always enjoy a hearty laugh when watching these videos. People have always associated this behavior with a number of things. A simple reason attributed to this is that they are simply trying to stretch their vocal cords before they start letting out some seriously relentless barks.

Some dogs even accompany their yawns with noises so as to get your full attention. They may also do this to try and make you cuddle some more with them.


The act of yawning and accompanying it with noises in dogs should not surprise you.


It is a common occurrence in these furry creatures.


However, this behavior may be more prevalent in some dogs more than others.


In this article, we shall discover the reasons that can make your dog make some really strange noises when they yawn.


Reasons Why Dogs Make Noise When They Yawn


1. Stretching Their Vocal Cords

dog yawning


We’re pretty sure that the first thing that most people do when they wake up in the morning is usually to stretch themselves and yawn out loud.


The same situation occurs in dogs.


Yawning and letting out noises is also prevalent in dogs especially when they wake up.


They do this to stretch their vocal cords and clear their airways so as to bark more effortlessly and clearer in the day.


2. Your Dog May Be Trying To Get Your Full Attention

Dogs are some of the most intelligent creatures on earth.


Their decent level of consciousness helps them to know that if they yawn and make noise, they will get your attention.


Therefore, this is a strategy that your dog may capitalize on if they feel that you are not paying attention to them.


The result? You will find yourself giving them more of your time probably because you also do not wish to keep listening to yawning, non-stop barking and weird noises continuously.



3. It May Be A Sign for More Cuddle Time With You

It is common knowledge that dogs love a lot of physical contacts.


That is why you will constantly find them coming to rub their heads against you and jumping and lunging at you.


If they feel like you are not offering them more of the cuddling sessions, they will yawn and make a lot of weird noises until you submit.


If they need more cuddle time with you, they will make sure to get it.



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4. Your Dog May Just Be Experiencing Fatigue

In us humans, yawning can indicate that you need to slow down on your activities and just get some rest.


It is not really that much different when it comes to your dog.


If you hear them seriously yawning while making strange noises, this may indicate that they are very tired and may need to get some rest or nap.


Our furry friends are normally very active creatures, and they just do not know when to stop.


Therefore, if you see them yawning and making noise, assist them to rest.


5. Your Dog May Also Be Experiencing Some Form of Stress

Our furry friends may also experience a bit of stress just like us humans.


Oftentimes, there are certain behaviors that they can adapt to display to you that they are suffering from stress.


One way they do this is to yawn while making certain noises.


6. A Sign of Discomfort

dog yawning next to her pup


Here, it will basically be communicating to you that it needs your help.


It can yawn while making noise to let you know that they need you to pull them out of an uncomfortable situation.


7. It May Mean That They Have Had Enough of Something

Take for instance, a situation where you are training your dog.


After a considerable amount of time, your dog may yawn and give out funny noises.


This may be a way of letting you know that the training has gotten too vigorous for their liking.


It is their way of letting you know that they need a break from the training session or you need to change the approach of your training session.


This is the only way they can communicate.



8. Yawning While Making Noise May Depict Nervousness and Anxiety

Picture a situation where you are with your dog at the vet’s office.


The vet is busy tending to other things and intends to do some checkups on your pup.


Your dog may yawn and make noises at this point because they are anxious and do not know what awaits them.


It is their way of releasing the tension building up in them.


9. Some Dogs May Use Yawning and Making Noises To Avoid Fights And Conflicts

In an event where they have encountered a bigger and more dominant dog, your dog may yawn and make noises to indicate that they do not want trouble.


This is because yawning and making those strange noises is understood to mean that they are calm and do not intend to engage in a face-off.


Final Thoughts

Yawning while making noise is a common feature in dogs.


It should not make you panic. No need for you to start sweating either.


This phenomenon is usually caused by a number of factors.


These are normally not life-threatening or potentially harmful.


However, yawning while making noise should serve as an indicator to you that your dog may have an underlying need that is not being met.


Be it affection, cuddling, fatigue, or even stress, you should take a keen interest in the behavior of your dog to help you understand what their yawning and making noise actually means.


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