Why Do Dogs Parade Their Toys? (9 Reasons)

Why Do Dogs Parade Their Toys

A dog usually does one of two things with its favorite toy.


It may take him to his favorite place to relax and nibble or parade the toy in his mouth all the time.


If your dog does the latter, you’ll probably be wondering why it happens.


There are various explanations for such behavior, but he certainly is not complaining about having another toy.


Why do dogs parade their toys? Dogs can parade their toys as a way to show that they are happy and excited about the toy. It can show you that they want to play or they could be trying to share it with you. It can also be an action done to make you happy or to show off their toys.


Let’s briefly analyze each of these reasons and several others to understand them a little better.


Reasons Why Dogs Parade Their Toys


1. They are Happy And Excited

dog showing its toy


Your dog may be parading his toys because he is happy and excited and uses his toys to show it.


If they do it when you get home from work or somewhere else, it’s probably because they’re so excited to see you.


Dogs can show happiness and enthusiasm in different ways, and this may be your dog’s way of showing you how happy he is to have you back in the house.


2. They May Want to Play

They may also be parading their toys because they want to play with you, and that’s how they can get your attention.


You have to pay attention to them all day and not just when they ask.


Dedicate time to play with your dog so they can expend that extra energy.


Please note that taking your pet for a walk or run is not playtime.


You should spend some playtime with him.


3. They Are Trying to Please You

If you show any signs of excitement or happiness when your dog parades his toys, he will continue to do try to make you happy.


It is known that dogs are loyal and love their owners, plus they will do anything to make you happy.


If parading will impress you, they will keep doing it with whatever they can find.


They can also parade for your family and guests to make them happy.



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4. It is a Greeting 

Sometimes our dog, Lucy greets me at the door with her favorite toy in tow.


She’ll wag her tail and jump up on my lap so I can pet it while she waits for a treat.

It can be assumed that sometimes dogs parade their toys as a way of greeting you when you come home from work or after being away for a while.


It’s like they’re saying “I’ve been waiting patiently here all day.”


In their eyes, when you see them, you’ll be so happy that they were waiting and excited for you.


5. They Are Bringing You a Gift

If your dog parades a toy when you come home, he will bring you the toy as a gift.


If he does not find a toy, he will bring you what is closest to him.


It could be dirty clothes, shoes, or a towel.


6. They Want Everyone to See Their New Toy (And Old Ones)

dog with collection of toys


Dogs love to play with new toys, and they never forget about old ones.


When you give your dog a toy for the first time, he may parade it around so that all his friends can see how great of addition this is to his life!


If you have multiple dogs playing together in one room or on a walk through the neighborhood, then chances are high that at some point someone will be showing off their newest find.


Meanwhile, some dogs would found an “old” toy but still wants everyone else to know what’s up —  because they know it is worth something too!


7. They are Possessive

If your parade their toys, it means they are possessive, and if they are that way, they will not allow anyone to touch or come close to their possessions.


They can extend this possessiveness to their toys, food, or even you (when you interact with other dogs).


8. They Are Shedding Off Their Extra Energy

Dogs are just like kids in some ways.


They need to run around and play with their toys every now and then.


But for dogs, it’s more about shedding off excess energy that they can no longer contain due to the constant excitement of living indoors all day long!


This is why you should always keep an eye out if your pup starts acting a little bit too excited or energized.


Here is what do we recommend.


Take them on walks as often as possible — not only will this help clear up those extra calories from indoor confinement time by burning through at least.


9. To Catch Your Attention

If they are constantly parading their toys, it could be a sign that they feel they need to get your attention in order to meet their need.


Your dog must know and trust that you will do what they want from you without being asked.


While this need for your attention may seem harmless, it will appear in other, more serious situations, such as when faced with an aggressive dog.


In this case, they will try to protect themselves rather than wait for your instruction.

Build trust with your dog by tending to his needs before he feels he has to ask.


Final thoughts

So long as your dog has not become protective of its toy, parading his toys is a very innocent behavior.


But it can be annoying, especially if your dog notices it gets your attention.


If this bothers you, you can try to invest in more interactive toys like Kongs.


You can fill Kongs with food, which will encourage the dog to actively search for the content.


This will cause the dog to lie down and work on it rather than parading it aimlessly.


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