Why Do Dogs Prance? (+ With Toys)

Why Do Dogs Prance

Prancing is basically just a way of walking.


However, it is not the usual manner of walking.


This is an exaggerated or “attention-seeking” walking style that dogs use often.


In addition, prancing in dogs is accompanied by an even common behavior-prancing with toys!


We know this may motivate you to wonder just “Why Do Dogs Prance?” especially with toys?


To some breeds of dogs — like the Pomeranians and Chihuahuas, prancing may come naturally.


Your dog can prance with their toys because of several reasons. One such reason is that your dog may just be simply happy and excited. This may make them in a mood to prance around your living room or your compound with their toy(s).

Your dog may also want to show off that new and shiny toy that you got them. Prancing with it is their own way of showing off and feeling proud of their toy.

Another reason that may have your little pup prancing around with their toy all over the place is that they may be telling you they want to play. It is their way of asking you to engage them with a game using the toy they are holding.


Prancing around while parading their toys is one of the most common behaviors in dogs.


However, there are many reasons that may be behind this behavior.


These may vary from dog to dog. Knowing your dog well will enable you to respond accordingly.


You do not want a situation where your dog is inviting you to play and you don’t!


This may be simply down to the fact that you do not actually understand what they mean when they prance and parade their toys around.


Reasons Why Dogs Prance


1. They Want to Play

dog doing prance


This is one of the most popular reasons why you may find your dog prancing around with a toy.


Naturally playful, once your dog gets hold of a toy, they will make sure that they engage you so that you can play with them.


In order for this to happen though, they need your attention.


Prancing is one way of getting your undivided attention.


This is because prancing is an unusual way of walking.


Once you see your little pup prancing around the house, you will have to pay attention.


Thereafter, seeing them parading their toys is a clear signal that they want to play with you.


2. It Is Their Way of Cheering You Up

We all know that dogs are some of the most intelligent creatures on the planet.


These favorite companions of ours are able to pick even on the slightest emotions.


If we are bogged down by stress and are worried, they will be able to tell this rather fast.


Because they care about us, they will make it their mission to ensure that they are able to cheer you up.


One of their go-to method is prancing around with their favorite toys.


They know this is a great way of easing your mind off the things that stress you.



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3. It Is Their Way of Exercising

The playful nature of our furry companions is what makes them stay fit and healthy.


Jumping around and running for hours on end will help them to stay healthy.


Lack of enough exercise will make them develop strange behaviors such as chewing on things that should not be chewed.

Their level of aggression will also rise at an alarming rate.


Therefore, when you see them prancing around with their toys, this is a good thing.


Allow them to prance around — As this is a good form of exercise.


It is how they release the extra built-up energy.


4. They Are Merely Showing Their Toy(s) Off

Dogs are very similar to kids.


They will tend to get super happy when you give new toys to them.


They will not bottle their feelings.


They will be up and down the entire house just parading their toys for everyone to see.


Whether it is you, or your guest, your little pup will make sure you know that they are happy about their toys and proudly show the toy(s) off.


5. It Can Be A form of Greeting

Dogs lack the ability to say “Hi” or to welcome you back with words whenever they have not seen you for a considerably long period.


They however have a variety of ways they can use to greet you.


They can give you a muzzle punch.


They can jump on you and rub their heads against you.


In addition, they can also prance around you and parade their toys for you to see whenever you walk through your door.


This is their way of saying that they are glad you are back and that they’ve missed you.


6. It Can Be a Sign of Boredom

dog running


Your dog may also be prancing around your room like crazy while parading their favorite toy due to boredom.


Dogs tend to engage in mischief or a host of other activities when they are bored.


One of their favorite ways to pass time is to parade their toy and prance around in an attention-seeking manner.


This is aimed at compelling you to give them the attention that they seek.


They know that once you give them this attention, you will end up engaging in a game with them.


The prancing will likely lead to the end of being bored.


Final Thoughts

Prancing is ostentatious and attention-seeking walk dogs do when they are clamoring for your time.


It may have different meanings and implications.


Most dogs do it to seek our attention.


When prancing is accompanied by toy parading, your dog may be trying to pass a message across to you.


Maybe they are just interested in luring you to play with them.


Maybe they are just energetic and are trying to “get some steam off”.


A more adorable reason is that your little pup may be trying to cheer you up because they sense you are feeling down.


The next time you see your dog prancing around, watch, engage with them and have fun!


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