Why Does My Cat Stare at Me When He Poops?

Why Does My Cat Stare at Me When He Poops

You have read the title correctly.


We are reasonably sure that you have observed it too on several occasions, making you feel uncomfortable.


Our time in the bathroom, while seated on the throne is a time of relaxation and comfort.


The same goes for cats.


But for some reason, every time our little furballs drop a deuce, we always find them looking us in the eyes.


And at last, through this post, you finally have the opportunity to learn the truth behind your age-old enigma: why does my cat stare at me when he poops?


There are several reasons behind this behavior. Here are some:


The Wild-Animalistic Nature Sets In

Cats are very secure and careful creatures.


They look after themselves like no other, ensuring their safety and comfort.


While that may be true, defecation in cats or any other animal is one of the most vulnerable states they could be in.


In the wild, pooping in an exposed location is taboo for animals.


It is one sure-fire way to be a predator’s next meal.


Given that cats are domesticated animals of wild ancestry, the same behavior still runs through them.


They look at you because they want to be sure that the organism around them will not pose any harm while they do the deed.


If that is not clear enough, the organism is you.


You Become Their Guard

As mentioned above, cats are careful animals.


It is either you attack them while pooping or not, so they have to be prepared.


But in instances where you already established a relationship, their action of staring at you while they poop is a call for help.


You become on guard over them during their time of vulnerability.


They Are Seeking Privacy, Like Everyone Else

cat stares at me while he poops


There will be instances when cats will not poop on their litter box, despite having one prepared for them.


Sometimes this may be attributed to physiological problems or territorial reasons.


But more often than not, they want to be alone.


Who wants to be stared at while making yourself feel comfy, right?


But when it so happens that the spot, they chose for the divine release is near your location.


They might stare at you as if to say, “get out of here, human, I need my privacy.”


It Is A Particular Bonding Time Of Humans To Cat

Did you notice that every time you go to the bathroom, and the door creaks a few seconds later, your cat will be close by watching you do your deed?


It is not that they want to smell or witness you in your private moment, but they want to bond.


Since cats are more of a non-verbal cue kind of animal, staring at you is their way of showing affection.


Sharing that eye-to-eye moment is your way of giving your love in return. It is similar to how cats sometimes meow when they poop when they see you.



So, why does your cat stare at you when it poops?


In a nutshell, they can be wary of you.


They may need you to guard them.


It might also be because they want to be alone or love you.


Cats are amazing!


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