Why Should You Swaddle A Dog at Home?

Why you should swaddle a dog

Have you thought about why people swaddle premature babies with a soft cloth?


It is mostly to give warmth and a feeling of comfort to the baby.


It applies to dogs too.


Your furry buddies are swaddled in such a manner that they should not get nervous over small sounds and experience the same comfort as they used to feel in their mother’s womb.


Why Should You Do This?

Your dog may need you to swaddle them once in a while.


Here are some:


There is a loud noise

Dogs exhibit distress when they are subject to loud noise or voices.


They may even hide in the bathroom sometimes for this or any enclosed area.


Being swaddled can lessen the noise and reduce their anxiety.


Your dog is in pain

Swaddling can release endorphins that can reduce the pain your dog is feeling.


It is excellent for dogs that are recovering from injury or on medication.


You are cutting your dog’s nails

Dogs hate it when you cut their nails.


They probably imagine that you are cutting their toes off.


Swaddling decreases the feeling of anxiety from you coming near with the clipper.


How to Perform Basic Swaddling

dog covered in blanket
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You don’t often have a piece of cloth ready for swaddling.


In this case, use what is available.


It can be a scarf, your shirt, ace bandage, or anything else that can wrap around your dog.


In swaddling your dog, do the following:

  1. Stand behind your dog.
  2. Look for the center of your fabric and place it on your dog’s chest. Please do not put this around their neck. It might choke your dog.
  3. Cross-wrap the first two edges of the fabric at the shoulder blades of your dog. Make sure the edges go on top of each other like an X.
  4. Take the remaining two edges under the belly and make another X.
  5. Tie the edges in knots to secure the wrap. Please make sure the knots are over your dog’s back, so they do not lie on them.
  6. Check if the wrap is snug enough like a hug. If it is too restricting or constricting for your dog, then loosen the knots a bit.
  7. You have now successfully swaddled your dog!


Remember to be calm as you maneuver over your dog to finish wrapping.


Be sure to be gentle and observe your dog as you are swaddling.


If there is any sign of distress, coax your dog into feeling more relaxed.


Please take note that it does not tangle itself in it as well.


It is also better to test swaddling first on a day where your dog is not too stressed.


It can help you decide better how to swaddle your dog or if they are comfortable enough to be in one.


Swaddling Small Dog Breeds

small dog breed swaddled
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In the case of a little dog, you can use some narrow or thin fabric for comfort.


The reasoning behind this is that your little guy could get entangled if you’re wearing a material that’s long or big.


So, with dogs like the Bolognese or a Boston Terrier, it’s best to use soft tape.


This kind of tape is typically very slim and solid enough to give your pet dog warmth and support.


Swaddling Huge Dog Breeds

In swaddling an enormous puppy, it is recommended that you wear a thunder garment.


In such a case that it is unusable, a long muffler may be used.


Take the same measures with a muffler as though you have a regular rag.


Swaddling Dogs During Fireworks

Fireworks could build a beautiful vibe for our eyes to captivate and observe.


However, that may not be the same for your puppy.


The bright skies often bring with them massive decibels of noises that are very alarming to the delicate ears of your furry buddies.


During the peak of the fireworks display, therefore, proper swaddling is needed.


All you have to do is follow the similar steps as described recently with some minor adjustments.


You have to swaddle the dog in two coats.


It ensures that once you’ve swaddled the dog with one towel or maybe a bandage if you have one, you ought to cover it and comfortably wrap it with a pad.


It prevents noisy noises from triggering an inconsistency in the dog’s pulse rhythm, rendering them even more nervous.


Therefore, they need a lot of warmth.



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Dog Swaddling with a Blanket

While some ways allow you to swaddle various dog breeds using different clothing, using a swaddling blanket is also recommended.


However, there is a unique approach that performs magnanimously well than the techniques mentioned above.


It’s named human warmth, and it works well.


Have you asked yourself why you have felt a sensation of relief after holding someone when you’re terrified?


This situation applies the very same way that human heartbeats appear to align when you keep someone tight to you.


The same is true about your puppy. If your pet dog is terrified, pick it up and keep it tight to your side.


Cuddle and hug him for a moment before your dog goes back to its normal state.


This treatment is often recommended by veterinarians and is an effective alternative aside from the usual swaddling.



Your furry best friends are the same thing as humans.


They will need someone to be by their side, play along, and reciprocate their affection.


But sometimes, there are instances that even when you are there, they still need special care.


Swaddling is an example.


If your dog feels anxious, in pain, or just uncomfortable, you should swaddle it.


Swaddling can help relieve stress and the feeling of anxiety in your dog.


It gives them that feeling of warmth and comfort that they used to experience while inside their mother’s womb.


It is similar to how we sometimes like swaddling ourselves to be warm and comfortable too.


So, we need wrapping once in a while, so does your dog.


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