Cat Meows When Pooping – What Are The Reasons?

Cat Meows When Pooping-

You heard your kitty’s meows coming from the adjacent room.

You rush to his aid thinking maybe he got locked inside and wants to be let out.

You walk in on him only to find that he is meowing while trying to do a number two.


A cat will make sounds while defecating for several reasons. If a kitten has a habit of meowing while pooping, it might carry the behavior to adulthood which is normal. But there are instances where cat meowing when pooping could be a sign of troubles. This will happen when the cat is sick or in pain while defecating.


Forget about pooping in the tub, imagine a cat that meows every time it poops.


Bizarre right?

Strange as it is, cats meow when pooping for a reason.

And we are going to tell you those reasons.

VIDEO: Kitten meows while pooping


Why does my cat meow before going to the bathroom?

cat with toilet paper

First things first, is your cat a kitten or an adult.

For kittens, meowing a lot is their way of communicating what they want.


A Kitten will meow when;

  • They are hungry,
  • Seeking attention,
  • Feeling cold and need warmth
  • Looking for comfort


A kitten that is weaned off their mum is more likely to meow a lot.


Cat breeds like the Siamese have a higher tendency of meowing than other breeds.


Maybe your kitten meows when pooping is not such a bad thing after all.



It is impossible to keep a straight face in the presence of one or more kitten

-Cynthia Varnado



If you walked in on the kitten, he would meow to acknowledge your presence and continue with his number two.

As the kitten grows older, he learns when to use the meow to communicate specific things.


Cats communicate through a variety of vocalizations- meowing, purring, chirping, and hissing, among others


This means that older cats are more reserved with their meows.

But there is a catch.


The main reasons why a cat would meow when pooping is;

  • Habit
  • Tummy issues
  • Diseases
  • Old age



Some kittens are likely to carry their meowing habit into adulthood.

This could be the answer you were looking for when pondering “Why does my cat meow before going to the bathroom?”


But pay attention to the pitch of your cat’s sounds.

If it is high pitched and too frequent, your cat could be having trouble defecating.


Do you also feel a struggle in the cat’s voice when they meow?

If your cat’s meow does not sound normal to you, it is time to see a vet about it.


Tummy Issues

If at one time you thought to yourself “My cat meows a lot before pooping” then you should have your feline diagnosed for constipation.

Cats can have trouble defecating like humans.


Common reasons for constipation in cats include;

  • Dehydration
  • Lack of exercises
  • Inadequate fiber in the diet
  • Medication side effects
  • Avoiding the litter box


Hairballs could also cause your cat to constipate.

Too many hairballs will cause an intestinal blockage which can cause your cat pain when defecating.


There are those tell-tale signs that your cat is constipating.


Other symptoms to watch out for include;

  • Tummy feels tight
  • Cat not eating well
  • Straining to defecate
  • The stool looks like hard dried pellets
  • Temporary loss of appetite



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Hernia and Pelvic tumors may affect your cat’s bowel movement.

The frustrated cat will meow repeatedly as they try to go.


Kidney diseases and kidney stones are other diseases that can cause inconsistent bowel movements in your cat.


Old age

As old age approaches, some cats become forgetful and start doing weird things.

Some cats pee in sinks, others poop in tubs, and yours could be meowing while pooping.

This is all due to age-related disorientation an old cat is experiencing.


Your feline will need more attention as he gets older.

Learn to anticipate when your cat wants to go.

When he starts meowing before pooping, bring him his litter box to avoid accidents.


My cat meows a lot before pooping, what should I do?

cat meowing

If it is out of habit, then there is nothing to worry about.

You could even make funny videos out of the whole incident.


But if your cat’s meowing doesn’t sound normal when he is pooping, then you need to have him checked by a vet.

Catching conditions like hernia and tumors early will help save your kitty’s life and restore his life to normal.


For constipation, try adding more fiber into your cat’s diet and hydrate more often.


If your cat is no fan of drinking water, try hydrating him with unsalted chicken broth.


As your cat approaches his seniors, he will need more special care.

Crate training him may be necessary to monitor his movements around the house.


Always anticipate when your cat wants to go when he starts meowing a lot.


Wrapping up

We hope your question “Why does my cat meow before going to the bathroom?” is answered.


If your cat’s meows sound normal as he does a number two, then there is nothing to worry about.

But a raised or struggling pitch in his meow could be a sign that you need to get him checked.


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Frequently Asked Questions

It could be an elated meow because he feels lighter. The meows could also mean that he feels hungry after pooping. If you just showed up after the cat was pooping, he is trying to get your attention with his meows. It could also be a breed thing as cats like the Siamese are known to meow for no reason.

If he has done it from when he was a kitten, then it is a matter of habit. But if the meowing started recently, it could be a sign of a UTI or constipation. A trained vet will help you determine what the underlying issue is.

If your cat runs around the house after pooping, it is not freaking out. They are happy that their bodies feel lighter; the same feeling you get after relieving yourself. But if your cat is trying to poop and nothing happens, he will freak out because of an intestinal blockage.

A housetrained cat will meow to alert its owner that it needs to use the litter box. If your cat meows while pooping, it could be out of habit or that the cat is sick. Any signs of struggle or pain while defecating should be addressed by a vet.


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