Why Do Dogs Moan When You Rub Their Ears? (9 Reasons)

Why Do Dogs Moan When You Rub Their Ears

Generally, many dogs will feel extreme pleasure when their ears are rubbed.


It is not uncommon to find that your dog moans whenever you are petting them by rubbing their ears.


Many dogs love this because it shows them that you feel very affectionate towards them.


This touch is very loving to a dog and they crave it from you.


But is the pleasure the real reason behind their moans? Yes, and no! Your dog may moan because yes, they are having a buzzing feeling when you rub their ears.

There are millions of nerve endings located on a dog’s ears. This makes their ears one of the most sensitive parts of their bodies. Therefore, rubbing their ears will have them in cloud nine, making all sorts of moaning and groaning sounds!

However, pleasure is not the only reason for their moans. Their moans are another way of communicating many different things such as being upset. It is therefore wise to learn what the moaning of each dog really means.


In our post, we shall highlight some of the reasons that seek to address the question of why dogs moan when their ears get rubbed.


Every dog is different from the next one.


What is pleasurable to one may not be for the next dog.


It is therefore wise to always learn what each reaction in your own dog means.


This will help you how to respond to them better.


Reasons Why Dogs Moan When Their Ears Are Rubbed


1. They Have Many Nerve Endings in Their Ears

dog's ears rubbed


When you rub your dog’s ears and they make moaning sounds, it is just as clear and as simple as it looks — they feel delighted by it.


The pleasure sensations they feel are acceptable because you have touched a sensitive area.


A dog’s ears have numerous nerve endings found in their ears.


Rubbing their ears triggers the release of the endorphin hormone that creates feel-good sensations.


2. They Find Massages On The Ears Very Relaxing

Rubbing a dog’s ears are similar to a massage for humans — We all find massages extremely relaxing.


This is what your dog feels when you rub its ears.


They feel very relaxed and cannot wait to experience more of it.


They will therefore moan to let you know that rubbing their ears is making them feel relaxed and that you should not stop.


3. Dogs Are Able to Experience a Calming and Soothing Sensation

With the numerous nerve endings in their ears, rubbing them can mean that they get a sensation that is soothing and calming to them.


That’s possibly why they produce a moaning sound.



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4. They Experience The Feeling Of Affection And Love From You

There are many ways that both you and your pup show love to each other.


There is the occasional cuddling and playing together.


Rubbing their ears is also a way of showing them love and affection.


They are able to recognize this gesture and will moan to show you that they appreciate the affection that you are showing them when you rub their ears.


5. You May Be Bothering Them

Moaning and groaning might not always mean that your dog is experiencing pleasure when you rub his ears.


Sometimes they may actually be trying to tell you that you are pestering them.


When you rub their ears and they make moaning noises, it may be their way of asking for space.


They may actually want you to stop rubbing their ears.


If they pull away, it could mean they don’t want you to do that.


6. They may need something different other than attention

dog's ears being rub


In other cases, your dog may be communicating to you that they need something other than your affection.


Maybe they are hungry and need to be fed.


They might also not be feeling well.


Therefore, by groaning, they hope you can pick up on this and address their concerns.


7. It Is a Signal For You To Keep Petting Them

What do we normally do when we feel pleasure?


We normally encourage whoever is giving us pleasure to continue.


It is natural that all of us tend to want to feel the lovely sensations more and more — This is no different in dogs.


When you rub their ears and they feel delighted by this, they may groan to let you know that you should continue what you are doing.


This is a natural reaction to good feelings.


Therefore, when a dog feels this when you rub their ears, they will moan to urge you to keep on petting them.


8. They May Be Upset About Something or Telling You They Are Hurt

Moaning and groaning may show that they are a bit upset about something.


Since our furry friends cannot talk, they will moan and groan for hours.


This is all in a bid to let you know that they are upset.


It may be that they feel that you have been neglecting them.


Maybe you have not been giving them a lot of time.


They will respond to all these by moaning when you rub their ears and are petting them.


9. They May Be Tired and Ready to Get Some Rest

At times, when you rub your dog’s ears and they moan, it may be a sign that they are tired.


It is their way of telling you that they need a breather.


Here, a nap may work wonders for them.


They may just want to lie by your side and get some rest.


Final Thoughts

Different dogs moan because of different reasons.


The moaning of one dog may not have the same meaning in another dog.


It may display a feeling of pleasure in one dog. In another dog, it may actually represent a feeling of irritation.


It is therefore imperative for every dog owner to learn how to read the signs accordingly.


This is because not being able to read the signs right will make your relationship with your dog strenuous.


The bonds between you two may weaken.


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