Why Does My Cat is Laying on Me All of a Sudden?

Cat is Laying on Me All of a Sudden

Cats are one of the cutest fluff balls here on the planet.


However, do remember that they are also not the most comfortable animals to please.


Often, they do whatever they want.


And sometimes this whim shots out of nowhere.


Just like when you come into a state of confusion and wonderment when you wake up from sleep, suffocating, and you realize your cat is resting on you all of a sudden.


What gives?


There are several reasons to describe why cats do this.


And we will be discovering each of them in the following points :


Cats love warmth

cat laying on its owner


Cats love sleeping wherever.


Almost all of a cat’s time in the day is for laying down somewhere and snoring.


But what you might miss is that if they have the option of sleeping in warm places, they would.


Particularly under the sun’s light because this way, they will not overwork their bodies to keep their temperatures warm.


That warm place also includes you.


Your cat is looking for a warm place, and your body temperature provides that to them.



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They are friends with you

Cats are not naturally friendly.


They are more of a mutualistic kind of animal.


Mutualistic in a way, they will befriend and show the teeniest bit of affection to those that give them food.


So when they feel close to you by laying beside you or on top of you, it is their way of reminding you it is feeding time.


Moreover, it is a smart strategy to lay on top of your belly so that once you wake from your sleep.


They will be the first ones you attend to. Smart!


You provide extra security

Cats are always in their fight or flight response.


But sleeping is their most vulnerable state.


Have you noticed how cats choose to sleep in tight spaces?


Although it is not the most comfortable, it is what appears to be safest.


But since, in this case, your cats are domesticated and cared for, there is no reason to hide when sleeping.


One alternative is they sleep close to their owners, often on top of them, to feel secure.


They love you

“What? My cat loves me?”


Believe it or not, cats can show their affection too.


And this can sometimes be manifested by their pillow-ing of you!


More often than not, when there are extra cats around them, they pillow over each other as a way of bonding.


If there are none, then you might be their next option as their pillow.


Regardless, however, whether other cats are present or not, it is their way of showing love to you, their human.



Whether your cat lays on you for warmth, food, or affection, that “skinship” is a way to get your attention.


Cats are lovable animals, and the more caring you are to them, the more they lose their guard and the more they are likely to be sweet.


And that bundle of sweetness sometimes pops out nowhere and lands on you!


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