Why Is My Dog Eating Wood Chips?

Why Is My Dog Eating Wood Chips

Like many dog owners, I’m faced with the challenge of a pooch who will eat anything.


And by “anything,” I mean literally anything: toilet paper, bird seed, dead possums, and even wood chips.


While dogs are scavengers by nature, eating wood chips can be harmful to your pet’s health.


So what is the real deal with this behavior?


Why do some dogs eat wood chips? Is it safe?


How can you curb this behavior before serious health problems result?


Why is my dog eating wood chips?

When your dog starts chewing on wood chips, it may be because he or she is:


A natural chewer

Dogs are naturally inclined to chew.


This can help them keep their teeth clean and prevent them from developing dental problems later in life.


If your dog is a natural chewer, you’ll need to make sure they have plenty of appropriate toys to play with so they don’t chew on furniture instead!


Curious about new things in his environment

If you’ve recently added wood chips to the yard, your pup could be attracted by their smell and taste while eating them up (literally).



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What happens if a dog eats wood chips?

Puppy chewing a bark


If your dog has been eating wood chips, it may cause an upset stomach and diarrhea.


It may also cause an allergic reaction (which could be dangerous).


Other side effects include constipation, vomiting, gas, and stomachache.


If you notice that your dog has been eating wood chips or if you think he has ingested any foreign objects (such as rocks), it’s important to contact your veterinarian immediately for guidance on how to proceed with treatment.


How to curb the behavior of eating wood chips?

When a dog eats wood chips, it could be a sign that the pet is bored or has some other underlying issue.


Before you address this problem, make sure that the animal has access to plenty of fresh water and quality food.


A dog that is not properly hydrated can become dehydrated, which can cause them to eat wood chips in order to feel full.


Similarly, if your dog is eating wood chips as a result of a lack of good-quality nutrition, then their health should be at risk—so ensure they are getting the proper nutrition for optimal growth and development!


Finally, make sure that your dog has access to a comfortable bed where they can rest between play sessions with you or other pets.


If your pup does not have somewhere safe and comfy where they can relax during downtime (or if there are other dogs around), then it may encourage them to fill up on something else like sticks or rocks instead of taking time out from roughhousing activities with others in order to get some much-needed rest!



Sometimes, your dog’s behavior can be a little baffling.


You think you know them well enough to understand why they’re doing something, but then suddenly they surprise you by eating wood chips or plants!


We hope this article has helped shed some light on why your pet might be eating wood, and what you can do about it.


The best thing is always prevention, so try keeping him away from areas where there are lots of chips around if possible.


But if he does eat one, then it’s best to contact the vet just in case anything happens later down the line!


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