Why Is My Dog Holding Her Tail To One Side?

Why Is My Dog Holding Her Tail To One Side

When it comes to dog tail positions, there are many.


Some dogs have upright tails that droop slightly at the ends; some have tails that curl up toward their faces; some have flags that fly freely in the breeze.


But most dogs have a signature way of wagging their tails back and forth, often like a metronome when they’re happy or excited.


That’s all well and good, but what happens when you notice your dog holding her tail to one side?


What does this mean?


Why is it happening?


Luckily we are here to tell you!


Why is my dog holding her tail to one side?

dog biting its tail


When a dog holds her tail to one side, she’s sending you a message.


Your dog’s tail is a primary means of communication.


The tail is an extension of the spine, and it can be used to communicate both emotional and physical states.


For example, when your dog is scared or nervous, she may tuck her tail between her legs as a defensive gesture—this is called “flagging” or “tucking.”


Some dogs also use their tails to express excitement; for example, an excited puppy may wag his tail furiously as he greets you at the door after work!


If your pup suddenly starts holding her tail to one side unexpectedly and doesn’t seem herself (or acts like she’s in pain), it’s important to take note and make sure everything is okay with your furry friend


Why is my dog walking with her tail sideways?

If your dog is walking with her tail to one side, it could be a sign of discomfort.


The first thing to do is assess if she is limping or favoring her hindquarters in any way.


If so, she may have an injury or medical condition that needs attention from a vet.


If she’s not limping and there are no signs of pain or injury (such as rubbing against furniture or crying out when you touch the area), then she may have some sort of neurological problem that requires examination by a vet.


It’s also possible that your dog has developed a behavioral issue such as anxiety over being left alone or fearfulness after being startled by something in their environment and reacting negatively to it.


In this case, behavior modification therapy may help resolve the problem so that you can both live happily together once again!



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Why is my dog holding her tail down?

If your dog is healthy, then you can look at the other possible causes of this behavior.


If your dog seems uncomfortable or irritated with her tail being held down, she may be trying to tell you something.


It could be:


  • Painful or soreness
  • Infection or abscess
  • Irritation caused by a foreign object like a burr in the fur around her anus (which would make sense if it’s just happening on one side).


Why is my dog holding its tail to one side after grooming?


The tail is sore

When you bathe your dog, the shampoo and rinses can leave the area around their tail to become irritated.


This can cause them to hold their tails in an unusual position to help ease the pain.


The tail is itchy

If your pup doesn’t like having its back scratched or brushed, it may start holding its tail away from that part of its body so as not to annoy them further with scratching or rubbing motions.


Their tail is injured

Dogs are curious creatures that often get into things they shouldn’t, so if there’s something sticking out of your dog’s tail, do check it out before assuming that everything’s OK: It could be something serious!



At the end of the day, when it comes to your dog’s tail, you know her better than anyone else.


If you notice any signs that something might be seriously wrong with her tail, call your vet.


Otherwise, keep an eye on it and learn to recognize its communication signals as best you can!


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