Why Is My French Bulldog So Big?

Why is my French Bulldog So big

If you have ever wondered why your french bulldog is so big instead of small, this article will give you an answer to all the questions you have been asking.


Why Is My French Bulldog So Big? 

Because despite their small size, French Bulldogs are big dogs in small packages.


Many dog breeds were created by mixing different breeds together to create a smaller version of the original large dog.


The French Bulldog was bred with the Old English Bulldog to create a smaller version called the Continental Bulldog, but they are stocky and strong.


It’s important to note that the French Bulldog is not a miniature version of its ancestors like some other breeds.


It also can vary in weight and size based on its gender and overall health.


Why are some french bulldogs bigger than others?

two french bulldogs


The reason why some french bulldogs are larger than others is generally because of the size of their parents.


If both parents are large and tall, then their puppies will also be large and tall.


What Is The Standard Size of  French Bulldogs?

The standard size of a french dog is typically 27 to 33 cm while they weigh 12 to 13 kg for a healthy french dog.



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Causes of weight gain in Frenchies

You might be wondering why your Frenchies are gaining weight, here are the reason why;

  • Chronic illnesses such as Cushing’s disease, hypothyroidism, and diabetes.
  • Neutering can lead to less energy.
  • Bloating and water retention due to illness.
  • Canine medication.
  • Internal parasites can cause fluid build-up.
  • Getting old and being less active



How can I get my French Bulldog to lose weight?

Here are some cautions to take when feeding your french bulldog that will help to reduce their weight.


  • Feed them lighter dog food
  • Feed them the correct amount
  • Give them regular exercise and walks
  • Weigh your Frenchie regularly
  • Stop feeding them as many treats


Feed them lighter dog food 

French Bulldogs are known for their love of food, which may cause them to gain weight easily.


Switching from full-fat canned foods to low-fat ones can help reduce their calorie intake without compromising their nutrition levels.


Feed them the correct amount

Make sure your dog doesn’t have access to garbage or other treats when you’re not around.


This will help prevent them from getting into trouble with overeating.


Give them regular exercise and walks

Giving your French Bulldog regular exercise and walks are a great way to help them lose weight.


Exercise stimulates the metabolism and helps burn calories, so it’s an important part of any weight loss plan.


Weigh your Frenchie regularly

One of the most important things you can do to help your Frenchie lose weight is to weigh him regularly.


This will help you keep track of whether or not he’s losing weight and if further action is needed.


Stop feeding them as many treats

French Bulldogs are notorious for being picky eaters and having a sweet tooth, which means they’re more likely than other dogs to get fat.


If you give them treats every time they do something good, or just because you want to spoil them, it’s easy for them to gain weight.



I hope you enjoyed reading about Frenchie’s big dog dilemma.


The Frenchie does require at least two short walks a day, and at least half an hour of running every day, so we do have to make sure that he obtains sufficient exercise in order to avoid obesity.


Being aware that this is the cause of many health problems of the breed, you try your best to ensure that he doesn’t become overweight.


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