All About Red Boston Terrier

All about red boston terrier

He wears a red coat and prides himself as “the American gentleman”.

But one thing you will notice about red Boston terrier puppies, they can be quite clumsy and weird as adults.

And it is all for the greater good as you are about to find out.


Red Boston terrier history

red boston terrier

The Boston terrier is an American toy breed dog.

They were bred in 1875 in a town called Boston, hence their name.

Boston terriers usually have a black and white coat.

When you stumble on a litter of red Boston terriers puppies, you might just have struck gold.


More on than later.

Personality-wise, Boston Terriers are affectionate and very playful.

They will supply you with endless hours of fun as long as their basic needs are met


Here are 7 Unique things about the red Boston terrier:


1. His red color is not red

What we believe as a red coat is the color of the liver.

All Boston Terriers, whether red or black and white, have a short, silky, and shiny coat.

A Red Boston terrier’s nose and paw pads are a reddish color too.


Sadly, red Boston terriers are forbidden from competing at American Kennel Club events because of the liver-colored coat.

But dog lovers are championing for reforms and perhaps the red terrier will compete in the future.



🐶 Fun Fact

Boston terriers are not categorized as terriers in the AKC registers. Technically, they are not terriers



The liver-color stretches from the head to the tail’s tip.

It is not as shiny as the normal black and white coat, but a red terrier still turns heads


2. His coat is rare

When was the last time you spotted a red Boston terrier?

Exactly, red Boston terriers puppies can be hard to come by.


Not many Boston Terrier breeders specialize in the red and are very rare to come by.

And if you find one that does, the price is quite exorbitant.


Also, be careful about breeders who label their dogs “Red” just to charge a high price.

Always visit the breeder and inspect the red Boston terrier puppies.


Check for the common red Boston terrier features like;

  • Red noses and paws
  • Dark red coat almost the color of liver
  • Red and white are the only colors on the coat



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3. He can be dumb

If you are going to adopt a red Boston Terrier, prepare to raise a clownish dog.

First, they shower you with heartwarming tail wags and face licks.


Then the dumb stuff starts happening.

When you notice any of these things on your red Boston terrier, it is completely normal.

Seek a vet’s advice if you notice any other weird behavior besides the goofiness.


4. He is not cheap

How much should you pay for red Boston terrier puppies?

Well, a lot.

One purebred red Boston terrier puppy can cost as much as $900.

Generally, expect to spend between $500 to $2000 for a healthy red-coated puppy.


Be cautious about who you buy your red Boston terrier puppy from.

There aren’t as many red terrier breeders out there so be sure you are getting a genuine purebred puppy.



❗ Important

Genuine red Boston terrier breeders are members of The Boston Terrier Club of America. Be wary of anyone who is not.



5. He is quiet

Yes, though they are famed to be very vocal, red Boston terriers can be silent as a grave.

So silent that you have to check on him now and then.

It is normal, some red Boston terriers rarely back unless there is reason to.


But a silent Boston terrier cannot make a great guard dog.

He is also friendly to everyone which can be hard for him to spot intruders.


6. He is cuddly

Red Boston terriers love to cuddle and follow their owners around.

When you are seated working or reading a book, they will be resting on your lap or legs.

Because of this clingy behavior, a red Boston terrier can easily suffer separation anxiety if abandoned.


7. He is a healthy dog

Boston terriers are some of the healthiest toy breeds in the world.

As long as you feed them a healthy diet and give them moderate exercise, they will remain fit as a fiddle for years.

Take your red Boston terrier for regular vet check-ups too.


Common health problems that can affect a red Boston terrier include;

  • Breathing problems
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Eye injury
  • Cataracts
  • Glaucoma
  • Patellar luxation
  • Shivering especially in winter

But with proper care, you should never have any health problems with your red Boston terrier.



Should you look for red Boston terrier puppies?



They are affectionate dogs with low maintenance costs.


A red Boston terrier is less likely to nip your guests because he loves everyone.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The lifespan of a red Boston terrier is 12 to 15 years. They will live for longer if they are fed a balanced diet and exercised enough. Bonding with your Boston terrier reduces the risk of separation anxiety which can increase their longevity.

Red Boston terriers have endless bouts of energy to expel. They are crazy and will do clownish things to please you. This will include playing with their treats, licking pillows, or chasing after their tails.

All Boston terrier dogs have low heat and cold tolerance. In winter, a red Boston terrier would shake heavily and risk catching a cold. If you have a litter of red Boston terrier puppies, provide them with more blankets to keep warm.

A red Boston terrier shed minimally even in molting season. They are one of the best hypoallergenic dogs to own. Consider getting one if you suffer from pet allergies or if you less clean up in your apartment.


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