7 Things To Know About Border Collie Chihuahua Mix

7 Things To Know About Border Collie Chihuahua Mix
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A budding shepherd with a brilliant brain, the Border Collie and Chihuahua mix is one furry fellow you ought to meet.

Here is everything you need to know about him.


border collie and chihuahua

The Border Collie is a remarkable herding dog with unrivaled intelligence.

He loves the outdoor life and does not mind challenging tasks like taking care of sheep by himself.

Border Collies are smart enough to grasp up to 10 different commands.


Chihuahuas are equally adorable little fur babies.

They hail from a town called Chihuahua that is between Texas and New Mexico.

History has it that Chihuahuas are descendants of the extinct Techichi dog and a Chinese Crested dog.



🐶 Fun Fact

The town of Chihuahua was named by the native Indian tribe called Tarahumara. The name means a dry and sandy place.



The Border Collie Chihuahua mix brings out the best of both parents.

He is smart, full of energy, and eager to please his owner.

Also, he forms strong bonds with whoever gives him more attention.


A Border Collie and Chihuahua mix goes by these nicknames too;

  • Border Chigi
  • Collier Chider
  • Collie Chihuahua
  • Chihuahua Collie
  • Collie Chi


Here are 7 facts you should know about a Border Collie and Chihuahua mix;


1. They live longer

Thanks to the Chihuahua gene, a Chihuahua Collie can boast of living forever young.


Chihuahuas are known to live for as long as 20 years.


Collies come in close with a lifespan of 17 years.


A Border Collie and Chihuahua mix can live for 10 to 20 years.

With a good diet and plenty of love, this dog will surpass its lifespan.


2. They are smart and weird

A Collie Chi combines the intelligence of a Border Collie and Chihuahua.

He is one of the nerdiest designer breeds alive and he is not afraid to show it.


So, what nerdy things does a Border Collie Chihuahua mix do to pass time?

  • He lines up items in the house. This can be pillows, toys, or shoes. Their Border Collie herding instinct is still alive.
  • They can do 10 different tricks. Some collies are known to memorize up to 60 commands and tricks
  • A Collie chi would chase its tail for hours when playing. When they catch their tail, they will start chasing in the other direction.
  • Some Border Collies hate water. He does not mind the snow but you will not catch him anywhere near the rain.
  • They can memorize their name, those of people, and other pets. A Collie Chi would also know all of its toys by name.
  • A Collie Chihuahua can tell what toy to play with at what time. They know Frisbee is for playing fetch outside while a tug rope is for indoor tug of war.


3. They can be stubborn

The price a Collie Chi pays for all that nerdiness is being stubborn at times.

They can easily believe they are smarter than you and will fail to heed your commands.


A Chihuahua Collie would outsmart you if they want to.


Acknowledge this stubbornness when training a Border Collie Chihuahua.


Start exerting your authority early when the dog is still a pup.

Be firm but gentle at the same time.


A Collie Chi only thrives on positive reinforcement and not harsh words.

Reward-based training works best with a Collie Chi.


Reward every command the dog gets right and be patient in their stubbornness.

Consistent in training and rewarding will soon get the dog in line.



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4. They get jealous

As half Chihuahua, a Collie Chi gets too attached to its owner.

So much so that they get jealous of anyone or anything that gets in the way of this love.

They will growl at any stranger that is trying to get your attention.


A Chihuahua collie may also nip your kids out of jealousy.

Early socialization is the only way to help a Border Collie and Chihuahua mix dog get along with everyone else.


5. They sometimes tremble

Chihuahuas are known to occasionally tremble out of excitement or fear.

This is a trait that a Collie Chi would easily inherit.

If the dog is not well socialized, they will fear the outside world and anything that comes with it.


Also, trembling could be a sign of separation anxiety.

Both Collies and Chihuahuas spend a lot of their time in the company of their owner.

Always schedule quality time with the dog and you won’t worry about separation anxiety.


6. They can give you the sniffles

Collie Chis can shed heavily if they inherit the Border Collie coat.

Regular brushing is required to minimize pet dander around the house.


If you have pet allergies, a Collie Chi with a Chihuahua’s coat is the best option.

Chihuahuas have low shedding coats compared to Collies.


7. They can raise your heartbeat

A Border Collie and Chihuahua mix is a high-energy dog.

Be ready to provide him with lots of options for expelling excess energy.


The best games for Collie Chi are those that engage his mental and physical strength.

This dog will excel in canine obstacle courses and any military-like training.


If you are looking for a cardio workout buddy, a Chihuahua Collie is your best shot.



There you have it!

We hope you enjoyed these seven fun facts about a Border Collie and Chihuahua mix.


If you are prepared for an adrenaline-charged life, then adopt him from the nearest shelter or breeder.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Common coat colors for a Border Collie and Chihuahua mix are black-white and brown-white. There are many other color combinations out there including merle. But a distinct feature in a Collie Chi is the white line that splits the face in half.

A Collie Chi dog lives to please its owner. It will work hard to learn new tricks and commands. Given the dog’s intelligence, house training should be relatively easy. Be patient and consistent with the dog until it is successfully house trained.

A Collie Chi dog only barks when necessary if they take after the Collie. Chihuahuas are known to be vocal and can pass this straight to their mixed offspring. Train your Collie Chi dog on when and when not to bark.

Border Collie and Chihuahua mix dogs are friendly and affectionate. They get along with everyone if properly trained. But be cautious about a Border Collie mix with a strong Chihuahua side. They do not like sharing affection with other people or pets.


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