All About Whippet German Shepherd Mix

German shepherd and whippet mix

A Whippet German Shepherd mix is not your ordinary furry fellow.

He is gentle to his family but a fierce guard dog to intruders.

Here is everything you need to know about this unique German Shepherd Whippet mix dog.


A Whippet German Shepherd mix is a blend between the courageous German Shepherd and the gentle Whippet dog. Breeding of these two breeds helps bring the best qualities of the whippet while toning down the undesired qualities of the German Shepherd. The result is an affectionate family dog with great guard dog traits.


Everyone knows about the courageous German Shepherd but few know of the soft-spoken and people-friendly Whippet.

Fortunately, the Whippet German Shepherd mix combines the best qualities of these two dogs.


A little history

german shepherd and whippet

The German Shepherd dog became popular during the first World War.

He was born in Germany to help farmers herd cattle in the field.

Soon German Soldiers noticed the intelligence of the German Shepherd and trained him to fight along with soldiers in World War 1.



What do dogs do on their day off? Can’t lie around- that’s their job

-George Carlin



The German Shepherd is happy when he has a defined task to do.

It helps him engage his physical and mental brilliance to the fullest.

When he became domesticated, he also made a great family pet able to protect his owner and get along with everyone.


The Whippet is an English dog born in the mid-19th century in England.

His main job was to chase after wild rabbits or flash them out of their burrows.


The first whippets did not come with the magnificent coat they wear today.

The Italian greyhound was inbred into the Whippet to produce that lush short coat.

In the process, more of the good traits of the Italian Greyhound were passed to the whippet.



German shepherd whippet mix

There is no one way to describe the appearance of the Whippet German Shepherd mix.

They can have a skinny body of a Whippet and the inquisitive face of a German Shepherd.

It could also be a Whippet face and a slender version of the German Shepherd body.


Both the German Shepherd and Whippet have a curved back.

But interestingly, the German Shepherd Whippet mix dog has a straight back.


For coat color, a Whippet-Shepherd pup will either have a purely Shepherd or Purely Whippet coat.

It is not uncommon for a Shepherd-Whippet puppy to have a coat with a mix of both parents’ colors.


For height, a Whipper-Shepherd mix dog will be anywhere between 20 and 25 inches tall.

He will also weigh between 20 and 95 lbs.

The tail can be thin or bushy depending on the dominant parent gene.

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German Shepherd Whippet mix dogs live for 10 to 15 years.



A Whippet German Shepherd mix will have the temperament of the German Shepherd or Whippet.

It is also possible to have Whippet-Shepherd pup with a balanced temperament from both parents.

With a dominant Gene of the German Shepherd, the Whippet-Shepherd dog will have a brilliant mind and an energetic body.


He will also be very courageous making the best lean-bodied guard dog like the Doberman.

He may be a bit reserved and suspicious of strangers, but the mellow Whippet side will soon warm up to you.



❗ Important

Because they were bred for herding, German Shepherd dog tend to have a nipping behavior. Early training is important to get rid of this habit.



A dominant Whippet gene makes the Whippet-Shepherd the most lovable of family pets.

He is gentle, non-aggressive and a lover of people.



No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as much as the dog does

-Christopher Morley



A German Shepherd Whippet mix will sit beside you on the couch and listen to your endless banter.

He will maintain eye contact and only take his eyes off you when something fishy lurks outside.

If they take the comfort gene of their Whippet parent, the Whippet-Shepherd mix will always prefer softer surfaces (your couch or bed) to hard surfaces (the floor or his kennel).



If you are adopting a Whippet German Shepherd mix, be ready for lots of energy from the furbaby.

The Whippet is known for speed while the German Shepherd carries all the energy.

Combine that in one dog and you will always be on your toes.


Exercising a Whippet German Shepherd mix for at least 40 minutes a day.

If you can get them to work out twice a day, the better.

Find games that challenge Whippet-Shepherd’s intelligence and agility.



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A game of flyball is perfect for this German Shepherd mix.

Start by teaching the dog how to fetch the ball.

Next, introduce hurdles along the way for the dog to navigate through as they go after the ball.

This way, they practice on their speed and strength.


Tug-of-war is another good one.

It focuses on the dog’s front and hind muscles.


Incorporate many other different games into the German Shepherd Whippet mix’s life.

It ensures they remain happy and healthy.


Training is necessary for this breed as well.

If they have a strong German Shepherd side, they can develop a nipping behavior.

Training them out of such behavior while they are still puppies.


Living with a Whippet German Shepherd mix

GSD Whippet mix

If you are looking for an affectionate dog that makes a great guard dog as well, a Whippet German Shepherd mix is your ideal pet.

They are perfect for apartment life because they are gentle and non-vocal.

Taking them out for walks and play is a must to keep them in their best behavior.


Also, a Whippet German Shepherd mix has a short-to-medium coat that sheds minimally and is easy to groom.



A Whipper German Shepherd mix is the ideal pet for a couple or large family.

They are docile, demand less in terms of grooming, and only need moderate exercise a day.

In return, they will give you their loyalty and always ensure you are safe.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Whippets are seldom vocal canines. If a Whippet barks a lot, it is doing so to get your attention. Early training and socialization prevent this behavior from sprouting.

The German Shepherd is smarter than a Whippet. A Shepherd dog is a good judge of character and can quickly evaluate a situation and know if there is lurking danger. The Whippet is intelligent too but their strength is speed.

The fastest dog on earth is a cousin to the Whippet, the Greyhound. Greyhounds can run at a speed of 40mph. But another close cousin to the Greyhound, the Saluki, is said to run even faster at 43 mph.

Though German Shepherds are fast, they cannot outrun the Whippet. Whippets are born with slender streamlined bodies and long limbs built for speed. Whippets scoop top position in most dog racing shows.


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