Can Dogs Eat Cherimoya?

Can Dogs Eat Cherimoya

Our dogs can eat almost anything we give them, and they do not have any idea if the food we are offering is safe.


In some cases, we do not even know the risks of feeding unfamiliar food items to our dogs.


What if the fruit you are going to give is poisonous to them, or at least something that has seeds in it?


You will never know until you look it up.


Seeds in fruits are a big no-no for our furry buddies, and we should know if a fruit has seeds in it or not.


One of the fruits that you should watch out for is the cherimoya.


So, can dogs eat cherimoya?


How safe is this fruit when given as a snack to our pet dogs?


Let’s find out in this post!


What is a cherimoya?

cherimoya for dogs


The cherimoya, also known in its scientific name Annona cherimola and other native names of chirimoya and chirimoya, is a nutritious fruit-bearing plant of the Annona genus of the Annonaceae family.


They initially stem from Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, and Ecuador and are grown in the Andes lands and parts of Central America.


Which was later discovered as the plant’s primary origin.


The word cherimoya can also refer to a breed of horse, but we are not here to talk about that.


Speaking of animals, the cherimoya is a popular choice amongst the forest creatures in Central America and the surrounding countries.


The cherimoya’s most distinguishable characteristics are its resemblance to soursop, distinctive sweet taste, and heart formation.



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The safety of cherimoya for dogs

Can Dogs Eat Cherimoya conclusion


To this day, there is no recorded cherimoya poisoning to canines.


That is when we are only talking about its sweet white flesh.


The question still lies: can dogs eat cherimoya?


What is worth noting is the fruit’s black seeds, which we all know can be a potential choking hazard to dogs.


The cherimoya seeds can grow as large as a human thumb, and that size can choke an average adult dog.


So, it is not recommended to share this deceivingly-sweet fruit with our pet dogs, as read in a similar post on the safety of certain fruits like blackcurrants.


Instead of using this fruit as a quick snack for your fur babies, you should go for the usual selections like dog biscuits, chicken, bone marrow, small dog treats, or anything that is deemed safe and healthy for them.


After all, they do not have the same sophisticated tastebuds that we possess.



So, can dogs eat cherimoya?


Partly yes, partly no. While its sweet silken flesh does not pose any threat to dogs, its seeds do.


They can choke our best friend’s narrow throats, eventually leading to suffocation, which we do not want to happen at all.


So, if you’re going to keep your dog safe, it is better to avoid feeding them cherimoya.


We recommend sticking with the safe treats to avoid this.


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