What To Do When Your Dog Swallows Squeaker?

What To Do When Your Dog Swallows Squeaker

Squeakers are usually such small toys and can be found in other toys.


Due to their very chewable nature, it is not uncommon to get some dogs swallowing it from time to time.


This is often not a cause for alarm but it is better to be safe than sorry.


It is always advisable to pay attention to your dogs and their surroundings for you to be able to know when it has happened.


For instance, if you don’t see one of your dog’s squeakers among its other toys, that should prompt you to check whether your dog has swallowed the squeaker.


In such situations, it is always important to seek professional advice from your vet.


Tip: As a dog owner, it is important to have your vet’s number on speed dial for such emergencies.


Most websites speaking about dog issues may tell you to induce vomiting once you find out that your dog has swallowed a squeaking toy.


But those instructions should only be given by your vet.


This is because they know the status of your dog and other important factors that will play a role in understanding whether your dog can vomit out the toy without injuring themselves.


Why should you not induce vomiting without being instructed by your vet?

  • The squeaking toy may have some sharp corners ad may cause more damage on its way up and end up leaving some sores and light bleeding along its path.
  • The toy may be slightly big or unevenly shaped. This may end up causing blockage and if things become worse, even choking.


What if you are not sure whether your dog has swallowed a toy?

There are some signs your dog may show after swallowing a squeaking toy that is important to look out for:

  • Your dog may be vomiting.
  • When your dog starts choking.
  • When your dog starts to drool more than usual.
  • When your dog has a very low appetite and does not want to eat.
  • When your dog is showing signs of lethargy.
  • When your dog starts to diarrhea.
  • When your dog starts to constipate which may be caused by the blockage.
  • When your dog shows any signs of pain or discomfort


Note: Lethargy is a state in which your dog may be in where it lacks the energy to do simple actions like moving around and will often display periods of inactivity.


What to do when your dog swallows squeaking objects?

dog holding a squeaky toy


This is usually a scary time but I assure you, you don’t need to panic.


Just follow the tips below and as always for any further complications — it is always important to get a vet as soon as possible, whether on the phone or physically.


1. Alert your vet as soon as possible

It is important to contact your vet immediately to know what to do.


They may ask you questions such as:

  • How big was the squeaking toy?
  • How long had it been since it swallowed the object?
  • Has your dog vomited or pooped in that timeframe?
  • Does the toy have any sharp or rough edges?
  • How much does your dog weigh?


These questions are usually asked to ascertain the next action forward.


For example, it would be a bit difficult to tell the owner to make the dog throw up yet the object’s sharp edges would end up doing more damage than what has already been done.


Your vet will let you know that you have approximately two hours before the toy gets into the intestinal tract and will let you know what to do.


2. Inspect the dog’s mouth and throat

This is usually to check whether the toy is visible.


If it is, with instructions from your vet, it is possible to see if you could reach it.


If it is possible, it is important to be as gentle and as careful as possible.


This is to not scare your dog and injure them in the process.


One also has to ensure they are as still as possible to avoid the chances of it moving further down your throat.


3. Find out if your dog is choking on the squeaker

If you realize your dog is choking on the squeaker and there is no way to remove it, you must perform the Heimlich procedure as soon as possible.


Here are the steps to performing the procedure on small-sized dogs:

  • Hold your dog on your lap turn the palm of your hand and apply some pressure on your dog. Apply that pressure below its rib cage and push firmly.
  • Push inwards and upwards approximately 5 times in a thrusting motion
  • After doing that, roll your dog on its side and check its mouths for the toy, if it has not come out yet. It may need you to physically remove it.


Here is how to perform the same procedure on a large dog:

  • This is to be done when they are standing. Put your hands around them at stomach level.
  • Make a fist and swiftly push upwards and forward in a thrusting motion.
  • Check for the toy before letting your dog lay down.


Note: It is important to go to the vet afterward because your dog may have suffered from a shortage of oxygen and may need that checked out.


4. Do not induce vomiting

Only perform when the vet gives approval.


This is because, as discussed above, if the object is sharp, it may end up bruising the dog as it comes up.


If it is an object that is big or irregular in shape, it may result in choking.


In case the vet has given the authorization to induce vomiting, you could use the method below:


1. Feed your dog 2 teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide to make your dog vomit. If they aren’t as willing to have it, you could mix it with some milk and get your dog to drink it.


2. After feeding her the milk mixed with the two teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide, allow her to walk around and to move and get the stomach contents mixed up in the stomach.


3. Wait for your dog to vomit.


4. Going to the vet


This is usually necessary to ascertain your dog has no further complications.


One Final Note

After such an incident, it may be a bit safer to put such toys away from your dog or if it is your children’s toys, you should ensure they stay in the playroom.


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