Can Dogs Eat Goat Cheese?

Can Dogs Eat Goat Cheese

Cheese is healthy for humans because it is a source of calcium.


Also, it adds more flavor to any dish you prepare – pasta, sandwiches, and even your favorite chips!


But, is cheese healthy for dogs?


Can dogs eat goat cheese? The short answer to this is no.


Goat cheese contains a high level of saturated fat.


This is unhealthy for dogs because any high-fat diet can lead to some life-threatening diseases like pancreatitis.


Other kinds of cheese you should avoid giving to your dogs

Aside from goat cheese, there are other types of cheese you should avoid giving your dogs, such as blue cheese, feta, any kinds of cheese infused with herbs, onions, raisins, and garlic.


Blue cheese produces roquefortine, which is lethal to dogs when ingested.


If consumed in excess or large amounts, this can lead to the rapid heart beating of your dog, which can result in further complications.


Aside from blue cheese, avoid feeding your dog cheeses with herbs, raisins, and other flavors.


It is because these are some of the most toxic and harmful foods for your dog, and it can cause them to have serious illnesses, which can eventually lead to death.


Also, since these kinds of cheese are high in fat, it can lead to weight gain and obesity.


What kind of cheese can your dog eat?

Goat Cheese For Dogs


Some kinds of cheese can be consumed by your dog in small amounts and occasionally.


Some examples are cottage cheese, swiss cheese, and mozzarella because these are low in fat content.


However, some dogs are lactose intolerant and cannot handle dairy products like cheese even in small doses.


So it is better to keep a closer eye on your dog if you will be giving them cheese as a treat.



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What should you do if your dog accidentally eats a large amount of goat cheese?

Observe your dog and see if there is any change since they ate the goat cheese.


Does your dog have diarrhea?


Then bring them to the vet immediately because your dog is losing electrolytes, and this can lead to dehydration, or worse, death.


Your dog needs to be put under observation if this is the case, and your vet will be giving them some solutions which can help restore the lost electrolytes in their body.



Goat cheese is not advisable for dogs because of its high-fat content.


Go for other choices that are low in fat instead.


Better yet, avoid feeding your dog any kind of cheese if you are unsure whether your dog can take it or not.


You can opt to give your dog other treats they would enjoy without compromising their health and safety.


Remember that if anything occurs after your goat consumes goat cheese, bring it to the vet immediately and do not wait before it is too late.


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