Does My Dog Know I had Surgery?

Does My Dog Know I had Surgery

After you had your surgery and have recovered well enough to travel, you go home, and once you arrive, your dog starts acting strange.


It now forms a question at the back of your mind,


So, does my dog know I had Surgery?” The short answer is yes.


Your dog will “know” that you had surgery.


The question is, how?


1. Advanced senses

A dog has more advanced senses than a human does, and one of their best senses is their sense of smell.


Some dogs have helped their owners determine that they are in the early stage of lung or breast cancer because their dogs have been acting strange and licking them furiously as if trying to remove an “invisible dirt” from them.


In the same way, your dog can detect that you have had surgery just by smelling you.


The surgery you have gone through is causing your body to release a distinct smell, which helps your dog figure out that you are in pain and that your body is trying to heal from something.


2. Your emotions

Another giveaway to this is the fact that they can see the change in your emotions.


Aside from detecting illnesses and growth in your scent, your dogs can also catch the difference in your feelings.


They can sense if you are stressed, anxious, and in pain, and in this way, they would know that something is going on with you.


Now that you know your dog is fully aware when you have had any form of surgery, it is time to figure out what they do to let you know that they are aware of your condition and show you their support.



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3.  Being extra cuddly and affectionate

You might notice that your dog is putting its head in your lap, giving you kisses, or cuddling you more often than they usually do.


It is their way of letting you know that they got you, and they will stay with you until you feel better.


4. They would give you space

While other dogs might be extra cuddly and affectionate, some might be a bit withdrawn from you.


It is their way of showing you that they care about you and want you to get well because some dogs think that if they touch you or play with you, you might be even more “hurt”.


Do not worry because once your dog senses that you feel better, they will go back to normal and be cuddly and playful around you once again.


5. They will try to distract you

One way of letting you know that they got your back is by distracting you from the pain and discomfort you are feeling.


Your dog might frolic around, roll over in front of you, or play with a ball in front of you.


Your dog might do this to get your attention and distract you from the stress and pain you are having and that your mood will be better.



Dogs can tell if there is something wrong with their owners.


They may not pinpoint what exactly is wrong, but they can sense that there is something.


That includes your surgery.


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