Can Dogs Use Dove? (Soap, Shampoo & Body Wash)

Can Dogs Use Dove

If your dog likes rolling down when you take walks or will want to pass exactly where there is a muddy pool of water, then he will regularly need a bath.


These baths depend on the number of times you take them on such walks.


The dog grooming products in the market today are specifically formulated for dogs.


There are times, the dog body wash or shampoo or soap ran out and you forgot to replace it.


There is only dove soap in the house, is it suitable to use on your dog?


The answer is No. do not use dove soap, shampoo or body wash to wash your canine. Dove soap is moisturizing and gentle on humans’ skin compared to other brands of soap.

Dove is a PH-neutral soap formulated for the bodies of humans only. It is not suitable for dogs since their skin PH is between 6.2 and 7.4 while our skin PH ranges between 5.5 and 5.6. This is a big difference and it would cause more harm when trying to use our products on them or us using their products.

Steer away from soaps with lower PH values. These include any human soaps and shampoos. When you use these products on your dog, it means you are putting a lot of acidic products on their skin while their skin flourishes with more alkaline products.


Here is more on what you should not use on your dogs.


Reasons Why You Should Not Use Dove

dove for dogs


Dove soap has had the best reviews from people who have used it.


It has a neutral PH, hence it does not cause skin reactions.


This is not the same for dogs.


It is harmful to dogs because of the reasons below


1. It Is Made With Moisturizers

Most people prefer and love to use Dove soap because not only is it gentle on the skin but also leaves the skin moisturized.


It also prevents the formation of blemishes on your skin. Its products use ingredients such as soybean and sunflower oil that leave residues on your skin that leave it feeling soft.


These dove products may protect and soothe your skin but they will not do the same for your dog.


Using dove soap only creates another layer of dirt and does not clean the dog.


The residues left on its body cause its pores to clog and when left for long it will be difficult to clean.


The compounds in the soap cause itching and scratching and will then lead to an infection.


2. Lowers Ph of The Dog’s Skin Promoting Growth Of Bacteria

Using lower PH soap such as dove may result in your dog suffering from dry skin and contracting bacterial infections or any other health problems.


3. Too Much Chemicals

Soaps and shampoos made for humans have so many chemicals, perfumes, and a lot of artificial products for them to be more appealing to their customers.


It is not allowed to test cosmetics on dogs therefore their impact on them is not research proved but why would you want your canine to go through such distress by trying human products on them?


4. Soap Poisoning

Your only dog care when taking a bath is that the soap does not get into his eyes.


If dove soap or shampoo residue is left on the dog’s body, and he licks it, he will most likely fall sick.


It can cause your dog to start drooling, vomiting, and even intestinal upset.


Dove Removes Essential Oils From Your Dog’s Body

The natural essential oils found on a dog’s skin are used to protect it.


When you used dove soap, it removes these oils and the next reaction is itching.


It irritates their skin and when they lick they are prone to be harmed by the products since they are not the audience of the dove soap.



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Trying Homemade Dog Shampoo

When your dog is very dirty and you don’t have the right soap or shampoo try this recipe instead of using dove soap.


Mix these ingredients before bath time.

  1. 2 cups of water (warm)
  2. ¼ cup of non-toxic and non-scented dish soap.
  3. ½ cup white vinegar

Decant the mixture into a spray bottle or a clean empty bottle after mixing well.


Pour on your dog’s fur when it is wet. Keep this mixture far from your dog’s eyes.


Your dog will end up cleaner and comfortable after.


If this does not work, just use water without any soap or shampoo.


Direct warm water from the top of her fur flowing down her sides. The dirt flows out easily.


You can use a hose pipe or a jug if you do not have a showerhead.


Alternatively, you can try to brush out a lot of dirt before they get in the shower.


It makes it easier to wash them.


Then wash them with warm water till you can access their wash products.


Dog Bath Products To Use

dog bathing


Always consult with your vet before using.


Some of the best dog soaps and shampoos that have been recommended include the following:

  • Isle of Dogs
  • Earth Bath
  • Burt’s Bees
  • Eye Envy

Dogs with dry skin and rashes, normally suffering from allergic reactions, require soaps like:

  • DVM Pharmaceuticals
  • Vet’s Best

For smelly dogs:

  • Skunk-off
  • Synergy Labs Veterinary Formula
  • Nature’s Miracle

All of these bathing products are specifically formulated for dogs.


They are found in pet shops, supermarkets, and even online.



Buy at least two bottles of shampoo for your dog to be able to know when to replace it so that you do not inconvenience both you and your dog.


Do not use Dove soap, shampoo or body wash, or any other human shampoos or soaps.


Dog’s PH is alkaline, using these products is putting too much acidity on them.


It will make them very uncomfortable because of the irritation and scratching.


Dove soaps are harmful to the health of your canine.


You do not want to start running to the vet for treatment.


In the case you do not have their products, use warm water only.


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