Can You Register a Dog with DNA Test? (What Vet Says)

Can You Register a Dog with DNA Test

As technology progresses, DNA tests are not only for humans, as many institutions offer DNA testing for dogs.


There are quite several possible reasons why a pet owner would want their furry friends to get their DNA tested, but the majority want to know whether their dog is purebred or not.


In today’s article, we will share insights to answer the question, “Can You Register a Dog with DNA Test?” as well as other queries related to this one.


Can you use a DNA test to determine if your dog is purebred?

In humans, DNA tests are used to confirm if one is related to the other, but can the same results be expected for dogs?


Can you determine whether a dog is purebred by letting them undergo a DNA test?


The answer is no. You cannot.


Although DNA testing for dogs has improved leaps and bounds in the past years, it is still quite tricky for a DNA test for dogs to identify the purebred rate.


DNA tests for dogs are designed to verify the parentage of your furry friend.


It can also be used to match your dog’s genes with a particular breed or identify some underlying health issues in your dog’s health.


But most current DNA tests for dogs do not yet have a very accurate capacity to determine precisely whether your dog is purebred or not.


Are DNA Tests for Dogs Accurate?

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The accuracy of the results of your dog’s DNA tests will highly depend on the company or institution you opted for.


The extensiveness of an institution’s database (e.g., the number of breeds they have conducted tests on and how many dogs they used for each species to set their guidelines) plays a massive part in determining whether the results are reliable or not.


Aside from this, the condition of your dog’s mouth may also affect the test results.


We all know that dogs carry a high number of bacteria in their mouths, and this may cause the swab sample to deteriorate even before the lab has a chance to run some tests on it.


A straightforward guideline for DNA tests is that you will get what you pay for.


The larger an institution’s database is, the more work they have put in, and the higher the cost of testing is. The results will outweigh its costs.


What is the Most Accurate Dog DNA Test?

There are many popular testing companies for dogs like Wisdom Panel, DNA My Dog, and Embark, and each of them claims that they have an accurate test that varies from 95% – 99% accuracy.


So how do you decide which among them is the most reliable?


Wisdom Panel is your best option if you want to have your dog tested for possible underlying medical issues, followed by Embark.


If you want to know what breed your dog is, all three companies can provide you with accurate results.



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Can I Use a DNA Test to Get Papers for My Dog?

The answer is no. You cannot use a DNA test to prove that your dog is purebred or register them with any reputable registry.


These registries will require documentation of your dog’s pedigree, but you might be able to use these tests if you want to prove that your dog came from a particular sire and dam, which was previously registered with AKC, UKC, and other kennel clubs.


How Much Will It Cost to Have My Dog DNA Tested?

The amount of DNA tests varies, but usually, they range from around $69.00 to $199.00.


Some tests may cost higher than this, and the average of what most people spend to have their dogs swabbed for DNA is around $150.00.


A DNA test done by testing your furry friend’s blood sample would be more costly, depending on the amount that the Vet will charge you for and the shipping costs of the sample.


Will a DNA Test Show What Breeds My Dog is Mixed With?

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Technically, a DNA test can help determine what breed your dog is mixed with, but still, the accuracy of these tests would vary.


If the institution or company has an extensive library of samples in its database, then the results they will be providing may be reasonably accurate.


However, you must note that no matter how great the institution or company is, no DNA test can be 100% accurate, and these results shall only be used for you to gain a general idea.


Is a Dog DNA Test Worth it?

Determining if a DNA test is worth it would depend on why you would want your dog to take a test in the first place.


If you are merely curious about the lineage, trait, or underlying health concern that your dog may have, then yes, it is worth it.


Key Takeaway

To answer the question “Can you register a dog with a DNA test?” the answer is no, you cannot.


There are only various things you can do with DNA tests, and having your dog registered is not one of them.


Deciding whether you should have your dog tested may be due to a few reasons, and you must know what you can use the DNA test results to avoid confusion or even regrets in the end.


If, for instance, you want to figure out if your dog has an underlying medical condition, then it would be best to have your furry friend looked at by a Vet for them to be correctly diagnosed.


As a pet owner, remember that you cannot diagnose your dog or prescribe medications for them on your own.


Also, be aware of those telling you that they can register your dog in exchange for DNA tests because this is generally not an accepted practice. It always pays to be informed and be aware!


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